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Whoever invented the rechargeable headlamp is a genius. As a runner who has been on many runs before the sun came up, I feel I can attest to the opinion that it’s pretty important to have a light that’s going to last. I’ve owned headlamps that suddenly go dark when the battery runs out and it can happen in the wrong place at the wrong time without warning. You shouldn’t ever have to worry about that with the FL60R Rechargeable Wide Angle Beam Headlamp, which is made by a local Portland company, Coast. With this headlamp, you’ll have a whopping 10 hours of runtime on the low setting and over 2 hours on the high setting, which is plenty of time to get your run on before it starts getting light out.

The FL60R is the first rechargeable Wide Angle Flood Beam LED headlamp, and Coast has thought of everything with this product. As soon as you open the box, you’ll see 3 AAA batteries that will allow you to use it right away, or you can opt for a rechargeable battery pack which can be charged inside or outside of the headlamp using a micro USB.  They’ve even included a USB charging block as well as a cigarette lighter charger in addition to clips for hard hats.

There are three light settings on the headlamp and they are accessible by a convenience push-button on the front of the headlamp. The beam of light it emits is nice and wide (up to 11.4 feet in diameter and 6 feet in distance!) and the headlamp also boasts an IPX4 weatherproof rating as well as a reflective safety strap. It’s also impact resistant and the LED is as unbreakable as you can get, which makes it a great accessory to lug on a camping trip or pretty much anywhere. Either way, the headlamp has a lifetime warranty and is tested and rated to ANSI/FL1 standards.

Nikki’s Thoughts: I personally hate wearing headlamps, as I’m a total minimalist in carrying or wearing as little as possible when I run. However, I understand that those 5:00AM runs warrant it, especially as Fall (and soon Winter!) set in along with the early morning dark skies that accompany the season. Most headlamps that I’ve tried are clunky and many bounce up and down on your forehead so you are always painfully aware of their presence. Coast’s FL60R headlamp was different.

The first thing I noticed about this headlamp is that despite the size of the light portion, it’s incredibly lightweight. Honestly, coming out of the box, it looked like cheap plastic at first glance, but it really is high quality upon closer inspection. I adjusted the strap and put it on my head and barely noticed it was there. It molded like a glove to my forehead and it didn’t rub my head in an awkward way like some headlamps do.

I took the headlamp for a run and it didn’t bounce at all. It stayed right where I left it. I used the lowest setting for light and it was plenty. I imagine if I were on trails, I could use the medium or high light setting, but I didn’t feel like it was necessary for the roads near my house.

I loved that the choice of a rechargeable battery pack or the AAA batteries allow me to decide if I want to charge it overnight or simply grab the light and go. There are many days that I anticipate forgetting to charge the headlamp, so the AAA battery option is pretty brilliant.

If you’ve gotta wear a headlamp, the Coast L60R Rechargeable Wide Angle Beam Headlamp would be my recommendation to anyone.

Robyn’s Thoughts: I am an early morning runner, liking to hit the road before my coffee, when the air is new and I don’t have enough time to reconsider. My normal morning route in my neighborhood traverses varying terrains including a small park and a few side roads. In the past, I would either sprint through these areas, hopefully outrunning all imagined threats or rifling through my running belt to find my phone for its built-in flashlight. I do own headlamps, I just always forget them, or, in the more common scenario, they are out of batteries. Instead of tracking down AAAs, I head out into the dark, unprepared. The Coast headlamp helps me reach my goal of “run before coffee” by giving me the freedom to just plug in the headlamp right next to my wireless headphones and running watch. All my gear is now attached to the wall, waiting for me at 5:00 am.

I have taken the Coast headlamp on a few runs. The first, alone, and the second with a Nikki (above review). After my first run populated to Strava, a friend asked “how are you not afraid of the dark that early?” As I read her comment, I smiled, knowing that the three settings of the Coast headlamp helped me to be aware of all my surroundings (even that racoon that I spotted in the highest setting). My second run, with Nikki, was our usual 5 miles course. We came across, as we always do, others running and walking while the rest of the world sleeps. As we neared a pair of walkers they began to laugh, “We thought you guys were a car!”

This headlamp, with its no nonsense settings, and charging capabilities has created that next level of my morning runs. I no longer fear running through the neighborhood, and only sprint when I want to.


Products & Price:

Specs (from website):

  • Beam Optics: Wide Angle Flood
  • Light Output (High): 450 Lumens
  • Beam Distance (High): 108 Ft/33 M
  • Beam Distance (Low): 39 Ft/12 M
  • Runtime (High): 2 Hrs 15 Min
  • Runtime (Low): 10 Hrs
  • Weight: 2.8 Oz/79 G
  • Battery Description: LI-Ion Pack or 3 x AAA

More about Coast:

Coast has been in this business since 1919—founded in Portland, Oregon and still in Portland, Oregon today. What does that say about our products? Our heritage? A lot. From the get-go, we developed a fillet knife for gutting and cleaning fish. We took that multi-tool idea, and ran with it. At Coast, we believe it wasn’t about the gadgetry of the thing, but how the right tools can make the working professional’s job a little easier, safer, and more enjoyable. Nearly 100 years later, the world may look a little more tame,but ask anyone putting in 60 or 80 a week and you’ll hear a different story. We’re listening. And we continue to answer your needs with technically innovative LED FlashlightsLED Headlamps, Emergency Area LampsKnives and Multi-Tools that are safe, bright, easy to use and backed by a lifetime warranty.

Thank you to Coast for providing us with a sample pack. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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