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As a runner, you’ve most likely tried GU Energy Gel at some point in your running career. You most likely understand the value of portable, quick digesting carbs, electrolytes, and branched chain amino acids. You may even have come to appreciate a little caffeine boost in your gels, as well. But, if you’re like me, you’re a bit picky about the flavor. I mean, no one wants to be in the middle of a long run with a bad flavor in your mouth that you just can’t get rid of.

Enter 3 new GU flavors: Birthday Cake, French Toast, and Chai Latte. Oh my goodness! I have to admit, I was excited about these 3 options.


Birthday Cake: The taste of this is just what you’d imagine if you had a piece of white cake with vanilla frosting and, of course, some festive sprinkles.

French Toast: Hello breakfast! The first thing I noticed was vanilla and cinnamon flavors, then undertones of maple syrup hit. Yep, just like french toast with syrup. Afterwards, I was left with a light taste of maple syrup in my mouth like I had just come from a fun breakfast outing.

Chai Latte: Just like the tea, this gel flavor contains caffeine. However, as a self-proclaimed chai tea aficionado, I was a bit disappointed in this flavor. While there was definitely a hint of chai tea spices, I think I was thrown by the slight saltiness of this one. As this is one of the Roctane flavors, it does contain more sodium for electrolyte replacement. While the flavor was decent, it just wasn’t as chai-like as I had hoped.

PRODUCT: GU Energy Gels



Electrolytes are key when hitting the pavement to replace lost sodium and hydration. We are all familiar with the common electrolyte drinks but did you know that GU Energy also has electrolyte tablets? They offer 4 different flavors of easily dissolvable tablets to get you the necessary and proper hydration. If you like quick and easy drink options that aren’t too sweet or too strong, I highly recommend GU’s tablets.

There are four flavors and here is my take on the fruity, delicious options:

Tri-Berry: This was the first option I tried because I love berry flavors and thought it would be a good intro to the tablets. I was right. The berry flavor blended into the water effortlessly. It was refreshing and sweet but not over powering.

Strawberry Lemonade: On a hot summer day, this is the perfect drink. It is a tad tart but is complimented nicely with the strawberry flavor. This was my favorite flavor as it tasted like a nice, cool drink from the lemonade stand.

Orange: I am not a huge orange flavored fan, I find they usually come out chalky and undrinkable. However, this orange gave a nice, sweet and non-chalky taste to the water and was actually quite pleasant.

Lemon Lime: This one was the perfect combination of tart and sweet. This one was really nice on long, hot runs because the tartness was a little more distinct than the sweetness. Often on long runs, I don’t want really sweet or overpowering tastes and this fit that need well.

PRODUCT: GU Hydration Drink Tabs

PRICES: Box of 8 Hydration Tab Tubes- $52 at, $44.70 at



When Dr. Vaughan created the first energy gel to help his daughter, an ultra-marathoner, reach her peak performance, the only choice at the time was an energy bar that resembled sawdust bricks more than food. These gut bombs were difficult for his daughter to process during her training and races. Unnecessary ingredients caused bloating, diverted oxygen rich blood from the muscles, and ultimately limited her performance.

Dr. Vaughan’s revolutionary energy gel created an alternative food that housed only the critical carbohydrates for energy and essential amino acids for muscles support. This gooey miracle food, which the body could absorb in seconds, was aptly named GU Energy Gel. And so GU was born.

Since then, our innovative spirit has continued to drive us toward new recipes and tweaks informed by the latest scientific research. It’s driven us to expand with products that solve our body’s need for optimum hydration and effective recovery. But through it all, we haven’t stopped asking those three simple questions… what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat.

Amongst all this innovation, the two letters G, U, bring us back to our roots. They remind us to keep it simple… give our bodies only what it needs, when it needs it, as quickly and easily as possible.

Thank you to GU for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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