Running in Sunglasses: District Vision Makes it Possible!

When it comes to sunglasses and running, I have to admit that I had completely given up on the combination. Things would start out just fine until I begin to sweat. Then it was a constant battle to keep my sunglasses from sliding off my face. Add to that, having to remove them periodically to wipe them off so I could see through the heat-induced fog on the lenses, and it’s no surprise that I quit even trying another pair of running sunglasses. But, when given the opportunity to test a high-end pair of running sunglasses by District Vision, I decided to give it one more try.

Nagata Speed Blade, Gray, District Black Rose

My first run in the Nagata Speed Blade sunglasses was on a very warm afternoon. What a difference a quality pair of sunglasses can make! Despite a very sweaty run, my glasses stayed in place. I was shocked! And, they didn’t fog up at all. The Nagata’s are super light (just 22 grams), and they didn’t bother me at all. Pretty exciting stuff for a girl who had sworn off running in sunglasses. Initially, I was concerned that the sunglasses would start irritating the bridge of my nose, as often happens with sunglasses that slip around, but the hypoallergenic rubber nose pad and temple tips didn’t allow for bouncing or slipping around. I was happily surprised that I didn’t end my run with chafing or even redness. I even managed to forget that I was wearing sunglasses during my run. That in itself is a pretty big deal.

While I don’t know much about the technology of sunglasses, lenses, etc., it seems that District Vision puts a lot of time and energy into the testing and research of their products. They collaborate with athletes and have produced the first proprietary Japanese eyewear system. They also employ the Kaizen methodology, which is the concept of continuous improvement. I truly appreciate and respect that kind of focus and work ethic, as it seems like a rare quality in business today.

 D+ lens technology is constructed from a proprietary form of polycarbonate material, which is shatterproof and anti-scratch. The lens interior features an anti-reflective application for holistic eye protection. The lens is finished with our oleophobic treatment making it water and oil repellent.

Our lens technology is engineered around a proprietary approach to light transmission, color science and material innovation to protect and relax the eye muscle. To enhance athletic performance, D+ lens technology ™ is shatterproof, water / oil repellant and features reverse lens anti-reflective coating.

My only complaint about the Nagata Speed Blades is that, while they look amazing on the model on the website (see photo below), I don’t look that cool in mine. I’ve decided that I must have a tiny face, because these look much larger on me. So, if you have a small face, check out the other styles to find a pair that is the right look and fit for you. I didn’t realize this until after I received my Nagatas, but when shopping on the District Vision website, each style of sunglasses has a drawing with a complete set of measurements available so you can find the best fit. So, be sure to check that out.

Overall, I give District Vision sunglasses a huge thumbs up. Running sunglasses that stay put and are virtually unnoticeable through my sweaty runs – that’s a big win!

Company: District Vision

Product and Price: Nagata District Black Rose, $249

Specs: 22 grams, Titanium core

More About District Vision: 

District Vision was founded in 2015 by Tom Daly and Max Vallot. Tom and Max met over ten years ago at university in London. They moved to New York and enjoyed the city to the fullest until a series of life-changing events caused them to discover running and meditation. Tom was born in Ascot, England and Max in Cologne, Germany.

We research and develop tools for runners, creating products that are equally function-first and performance enhancing. We believe in a holistic approach to athleticism and the idea that mental wellbeing is the foundation of every form of physical exercise.

Our first experiment was initiated over two years ago when we started testing sports eyewear technology with a group of downtown runners. Combining real-life feedback with Japanese engineering, the Keiichi running sunglass system was born – a proprietary solution for athletes, handmade in Japan.

As part of our holistic vision for the project we want to make meditation available to more runners and active souls in New York and beyond, through a series of talks and our Mindful Athlete Program (MAP), working with leading teachers in both fields.

Thank you to District Vision for loaning us a pair of sunglasses. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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