What Run Oregon is Wearing: Tops and shorts from Outdoor Voices

We have been knowledgeable about Outdoor Voices and their leggings for quite some time. I had heard some really great responses to these and was interested to see if they would be expanding their modern-stylish active line. In April of this year, we got our answer as they moved forward with their new running line. OV has a little different mindset that may run some people the wrong way, yet I don’t think it’s a bad one. Essentially, their focus and mantra is that people should be active – and they should be happy when being active. If someone is out there trudging through misery and hating the time they are out there – just to shave a few seconds off of a PR – then maybe that’s defeating the purpose. I can get behind that.

OV has a huge following on IG for a small company that just started in 2013 (over 223k) and with their new line – things are expected to grow. They recently sent us a few items from their line – the Cool Runnin’s Tee and Tank , as well as the 5″ Runner’s High Short.

Both the Cool Runnin’s Tee and Tank are made from 100% recycled polyester and the EcoMesh fabric aims to be moisture-wicking. It did an admirable job and I saw no major issues in these important features than with the big players out there. They are both ridiculously light and comfortable – they just feel really great. In the picture of the tops, they appear to be really baggy. I found that, while they do have a more relaxed fit, it is not as dramatic as the image would indicate. I wear a large and I felt that a large top fit quite well.

The tank is a little wider over the shoulder than would be expected in a true running tank. I didn’t mind it, but definitely expect it to run a full X fingers of width. Also, the tee has longer sleeves than are typical in many running shirts. If you want to keep your lower bicep clear of sleeves, these may cause you some challenge.

The design and look of both tops showcases a simple and modern flair. Colorwise, there are at least six different options (classic and seasonal), and all of them are pretty muted versions of the main color scheme. There’s no real logo, and outside of some flatlock stitching, there isn’t anthing to look at. I like that. I mean, I can get behind flair and uniqueness, but I think there is something to be said for just simple straightforward running gear.

The Runner’s High Short also showcases the same benefits as the tops. It is extremely lightweight, simple in design, and has solid quick-drying features. They aren’t completely waterproof, so if you are a profuse sweater, you may notice some darker lines at times. I sweat a “typical” amount, and I never noticed anything all that significant however. These are described as having a relaxed fit but, again, I expected them to be super baggy and they actually fit really well. The waist may run a tiny bit large, so you may wanna size down if you are on the border. However, I wear a large and a large fit fine for me.

These shorts also have a variety of storage options, with tons of pockets in both the outer shorts, as well as the inner lining. There are pockets on the thighs of the compression part, making the ability to ditch a waistpack or armband possible. I have used them to toss in my keys and my phone and the pockets were up to the challenge.

As can be the case with smaller, more “boutique” fitness apparel qualities, it’s sometimes unclear if what you are getting are solid items, or a trick of fantastic photography and modern / hip vibes. I can attest that Outdoor Voices is definitely in the former on that – these are great items that I am glad I gave a shot to. They fit and feel great, and are definitely well-made – so much so that they are being put back in my running rotation immediately after each cleaning.

The prices may be a tad high, but honestly a lot running apparel companies have items within this same price range. I have no reason to believe that these items won’t last as long as others in the market, so if these excite you, I would anticipate you having some quality running gear for years to come.

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Thank you to Outdoor Voices for providing us with sample items. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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