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Nikki’s Impressions I was intrigued by the Lasso Compression Socks when I found out that they were based on the science of ankle tape. Lasso studied kinesio-taping and ankle braces to create an “all in one ankle support solution.”  I’ve spent a lot of time getting several parts of my feet, ankles, and even legs taped up in creative ways by sports medicine doctors in an effort to power through a race. I never had the confidence or the education to do it properly myself, and it can be really hard to do depending on where the injury is located. Considering how much determination one must put into correctly taping up an ankle or foot, not to mention the commitment and maintenance required, I was excited to try the Lasso socks so I could put my mind at ease in simply rolling them onto my feet. Lasso is an FDA registered ankle brace, so I was very curious to see how they performed.

Anyone that runs for any length of time will experience aches and pains, especially when they put in a lot of miles. I’ve struggled with plantar fasciitis and various foot pain over the years, with one foot injury in particular hindering my training last year. Resting is often not an option for me, so rehab is key.  The Lasso Compression Technology™ has been shown to improve ankle support if you should (by horrible chance) roll an ankle. These socks are great for weak ankles as well as for rehabbing from an injury. They improve your performance and are ideal for a prolonged workout.  

The look of the sock is typical, as would be expected from any sock you’d purchase. However, the quality of the Lasso socks can be felt before you even get them on. The material is soft and breathable, yet sturdy and tight. I expected them to be uncomfortable as some compression socks are, but they felt great on my feet from the very start.

As for running in the Lasso socks, they were amazing. I didn’t feel any aches and pains while wearing them and in all honesty, I didn’t take them off right away when I got home from my run. They were really comfy! When I did finally peel them off, my feet felt great. With a lot of trail running in my ultra distance future, these will be the socks I reach for.

Mindy’s Impressions: I have always had weak ankles. In high school I ran cross country, played soccer and basketball, and for every practice, game or meet I would always have the trainer tape my ankles. I eventually, learned how to tape my ankles myself. To this day, I still tape my ankles for trail runs and soccer matches. When I got the opportunity to try the Lasso Compression Socks I was very intrigued. Especially, when reading on their website of some studies conducted, the socks can reduce ankle rolling by 75%!

When the socks arrived, I was so excited to hit the trails. When I first put them on, I was immediately impressed by the quality. They were very thick (as compression socks usually are), but were very soft. They were comfortable from the very beginning. They have reinforcements in certain areas of the sock, such as the sides top and even arch (mimicking how I would tape my ankle). Once I started running, I forgot completely that I had them on. Usually when I have my ankles taped I can always tell that they are taped. It is often uncomfortable, and I usually have blisters after my workout, but its the price I pay for not getting injured. Using the Lasso socks during a workout, gave me enough support and piece of mind to enjoy the workout, without worrying if I was going to injure myself and the best part…..NO BLISTERS! These are now my go to socks for trail and distance running.

Joe’s Impressions: I have some tight running socks, and I have some tall running socks, but I can’t say I’ve ever worn socks specifically promoted as compression socks. So when I got to test some compression socks from Lasso Gear, I was entering new territory. According to the company’s website, not only are these socks compression-y, but they also provide lateral support and help prevent turned ankles. Kind of like KT tape in sock form. The reinforced areas around the arch, Achilles, sides, and top of the sock even look like athletic tape.

The first thing I noticed about the socks was not surprising: They are very snug and a little hard to get on. They immediately reminded me of soccer socks, only less long. After some strategic pulling and tugging, though, they settled into place and fit nicely, with no wrinkles or sagging. While quite tight, they felt comfortable and well-tailored to fit my toes, arches, heels, and ankles consistently, without any loose areas or extreme squeezing. Once on, they stay up throughout a run, without a hint of shifting or drooping, and they provide compression and support without announcing their presence too emphatically. I can’t yet vouch for their ability to reduce ankle rolling, but they are comfortable, and a solid choice for runners who want a little more sock for their buck.

Company: Lasso (Facebook)

Products & Price: Lasso Compression Socks (Amazon) $29.99

Specs (from website): Graduated compression and compression garments have typically been prescribed by doctors to help with blood flow and to treat low blood pressure or plantar fasciitis. Some studies indicate Lasso compression socks can reduce pain or help with recovery from an ankle sprain. Lasso socks may help:

  • Provide support for muscle stiffness, soreness, and pain
  • Reduce recovery time
  • Support improved circulation

More about Lasso:

We can do better when we design products, we can change the status quo, and we can create things that improve people’s lives. Just because something works doesn’t mean it can’t be improved, and that’s what we are about.

We constantly challenge ourselves in terms of what we can create, and how much we can push the envelope. We care to be innovative, but we also want to make products that are easy to understand and easy to use.

We have dreams to change the way healthcare works. To communicate directly with patients and help them with their movement needs. We have dreams to help athletes and active people alike achieve their goals, test their mental strength, and spend time with their loved ones without feeling pain.

Our promise to you is one thing – we will always push ourselves to do better, because we know that you’ve always pushed yourself to be better.

And that’s what inspires us.

Thank you to Lasso for providing us with a sample pack. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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