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We’ve all been to that one aisle in our favorite outdoor store where all the food is kept. Shelves and hangers full of camping and backpacking staples like Chili Mac, Beef Stroganoff, or Cheesy Enchilada, looking tasty. Just add water and you’re good to go. Dehydrated meals are a really great, and easy, way to get nutrition on an adventure and they’re not too bad tasting either! For the in-between meal times, snacks are something to look forward to and while gummy bears and chocolate bars are always the preferred go-to (no? just me?), there are healthier options!

ALPINEAIRE foods produces all-natural freeze-dried and dehydrated instant meals and side dishes, but also many options for snacks as well, many of which are vegan and gluten free! Run Oregon was given a few samples to adventure with and it’s been fun giving them all a test run!

I enjoyed the Toffee Break trail mix in New Zealand, where I accidentally dumped half my loot on the ground and spend a good 5 minutes trying to discern cashews and almonds amongst the piny underfoot! Never a germaphobe, back into the pack it went for sustenance later. The hot sun down under melted the chocolate and caramel bits into wonderfully tasty gobs and I enjoyed the treat at a DOC hut in the shade. Back in Oregon, with half a package left, another adventure on the coast was the perfect opportunity to finish it off. One particularly rainy day, a trek up Neahkahnie Mountain called for some fuel and I looked forward to the sweet and salty mix.


Also among our sample pack was the Chocolate Cranberry Crunch mix, a Banana Berry Smoothie, and the Just Peachy freeze-dried fruit chunks. All have been delicious and satisfying. The packaging is resealable, which is great if you don’t want to finish it all in one sitting, or if you do finish a package, they can be reused for other snacks or items while on trail.

Calorie counts, serving sizes, and other important information are easy to find, which, for someone being scientific about their diet either on or off the trail, it’s nice to not have to hunt around or do complicated math. ALPINEAIRE has done a great job of making thoughtful snacks taste good and easy to consume. It’s nice to have a favorite food identified so there is no guess-work on the trail and end up being disappointed! I look forward to summer adventures and trying out more from ALPINEAIRE.

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More about ALPINEAIRE:

When choosing gear for your adventures, you look for a quality product and a name you can trust. When it comes to food, you seek delicious and nutritious ingredients that will sustain you. With an emphasis on quality, combined with the care that goes into each of our products, you can count on ALPINEAIRE FOODS to fuel your next adventure.

ALPINEAIRE FOODS was founded in 1979 as one of the great food lines in the outdoor & preparedness industries. Developed with the desire to provide quality food using wholesome ingredients, ALPINEAIRE was, and continues to be, one of the finest producers of freeze-dried and dehydrated instant meals.

Thank you to ALPINEAIRE for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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