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Socks (and if you are a female runner,) sports bras can make or break a run. You can have top-of-the line shoes and the most expensive gear, but it starts with the layers underneath your clothes. Price doesn’t always determine happiness either. I’ve bought some really expensive bras that have chafed on even short runs or socks that have given me blisters in places I never had them before. Getting to try out X31 Sports and their racerback sports bra, their performance athletic crew socks, and their low cut no show running socks was something I was very willing to take on. I’m always on the hunt for running gear that is comfortable and won’t impede my miles out on the road.

X31 Sports is a great company that provides apparel for both activity and recovery from said activity. Even better, the prices are affordable and the products are high quality. They also offer free shipping and free returns, so their products are well worth your time to check them out.

The No Show Running Socks felt great immediately when I slid them on. They were so cushy but not hot, which is something a lot of socks seem to have trouble succeeding with. This time of year, I want to stay as cool as possible, and these socks met the mark. They felt like little clouds on my feet, and were of a high quality material that felt different than most of my socks. They weren’t really as “no show” as some styles, but I actually preferred the length of these to others. Some socks disappear into my shoes and get all bunched up which is my absolute worst pet peeve when it comes to socks, especially while running. That’s a great way to get blood in your shoes! These socks were short but long enough to provide support to my feet everywhere they needed coverage.

The crew socks did not disappoint either. Like the No Show socks, the material felt amazing immediately. I love a running sock that feels like it cushions my feet but doesn’t make them sweat. I don’t typically wear crew length socks this time of year but they will be great for the cool mornings and for when Fall hits. I like that the X31 socks have a seamless toe, so there is no irritating rub that can occur when you put in some miles in other socks. There’s no danger of them itching either, as the material is as smooth as butter. My feet stay dry and cool. I love these socks!

The most important quality in a sports bra I would use for running is that it doesn’t chafe. If it’s also comfy to wear and holds everything in place, even better. Finding all three of these magical qualities is an amazing thing indeed, and I feel that’s what I found with the racerback sports bra. The material in this high impact bra is as soft and breathable as the socks, and it comes with removable pads that stay in place and provide a flattering look. The racerback style in other bras is can sometimes rub wrong on the backs of my shoulders and neck, but that’s not the case with this one. This bra stays cool when it’s hot, and it’s also comfortable while remaining supportive, which are two qualities that don’t always go hand and hand when it comes to bras. I will also admit that when I’m busy, I will spend too long in my running clothes before I get a chance to shower, and this bra doesn’t irritate my skin if it’s left on longer than it should be. Two thumbs up for this bra!!

If you’re looking for comfort and quality, check out X31 Sports!

Company: X31 Sports (Facebook LINK)

Products & Price:

Low Cut No Show Running Socks (Amazon LINK) $14.00

Performance Athletic Crew Socks With Cushion (Amazon LINK) $14.00

Racerback Sports Bra (Amazon LINK) $27.00

Specs (from website):

No Show Running Socks:

  • High pull-tab heel helps your socks stay in place and reduces achilles heel blisters.
  • Extra padded heel-ball-toe reduces impact and force while you run.
  • Banded arch for increased support and compression.
  • Moisture wicking microfiber keep feet cool and dry.

Crew Socks:

  • Nylon6 Blend (Superior to Cotton): Cotton socks suck! These microfiber moisture wicking crew socks will keep you feet dry and comfortable.
  • Padded Heel and Foot help reduce foot pain and reduce blisters
  • Reinforced Arch Support provides light compression
  • Seamless Toe for more comfortable fit

Sports Bra:

  • Racerback design that fits comfortably across your shoulders and back
  • Does not chafe your undercarriage or arms
  • High impact support that lets you move with confidence
  • Made of soft 4-way stretch fabric with removable pads
  • A variety of cool colors to choose from

More about X31 Sports:

X31 Sports is based in Southern California. The brainchild of Daniel Washburn, a former technology executive and endurance sports enthusiast who decided to leave the corporate world and pursue his dream. Combined two things he cared deeply about; Fitness (triathlons, crossfit and endurance sports) with his passion for New Gear, X31 Sports® was born.

X31 Sports strives to support all types of athletes, regardless of their fitness level or specificity. Our aim is to create exceptional products to help athletes train longer, perform better and recover faster. And, while also looking good while you do it. X31 Sports is big proponents of “Look Good, Feel Good. Feel Good, Play Good”. There is no reason to sacrifice either form or function.

We research, test and experiment with a wide varieties of fabrics and materials in the products that we design. X31 Sports always seeks that one fit that is ultra comfortable, superior function and the highest quality. We provide exceptional Performance Apparel at affordable costs to our customers!

Thank you to X31 Sports for providing us with a sample pack. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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