What Run Oregon is Wearing: Running socks by GORE

GORE M Light Mid Socks

Matt: I have tried out a bunch of running socks during my time at Run Oregon, but GORE is new to my dresser. I tried out a few different lengths in their M series and M Light series. Here are some specs:

  • Comfort mapping construction uses specific placement of fabric for ultimate comfort
  • Toe and heal protection
  • Achille’s tendon protection channel
  • Mesh construction to aid cooling and moisture management
  • Highly moisture wicking technology
  • Grip band around midfoot to keep sock in place
  • Designed for optimal comfort with less seams

The differences between the two styles (light & non-light) is pretty clear – it’s just a reference to the amount of padding of each. I didn’t feel too much difference when switching between the two, though I know some runners want the road feel and keep their socks and shoes as low-profile as possible. They have both held up quite well to numerous washings and are still up to the task with each run.

You can get these in black/grey (pictured), as well as white/black options.


Products and Price:

Thank you to GORE & Swiftwick for providing us with sock samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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