Kickin’ It in SKYE Footwear: A Run Oregon review of the Rbutus EL (DISCOUNT CODE)


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Full disclosure – SKYE does not make running shoes. However, we here at Run Oregon believe that it is important to have comfortable feet, regardless of what style you are wearing. After all, without healthy and well-taken care of feet, where are we?! And after trying out the Rbutus EL, I can confirm that these are about as close to running shoes as you can get in the ‘athleisure’ footwear.

SKYE makes a few different shoes, but their Rbutus EL are the most athletic looking. In fact, I think they look bloody amazing – a fantastic combo of sa straightforward design with a bit of flair for the dramatic. I can’t go anywhere without someone asking where I got these from (Canada is the answer, by the way). They pair amazingly well with jeans, shorts, and even joggers – a versatility that can’t go understated. Even with the fantastic and unique look, things don’t end there. I will touch on a bit of the technology and construction, but I recommend checking out the engineering page for more details.

The Rbutus are part of their original line, but the EL version ramps things up a little bit by adding a winterized glazing to protect from wetness, something that I think we can all appreciate up here in the PNW). They slip on easily and stay snug thanks to their patent-pending “Loop-Lok” –  a feature inspired by SUP. These bungee-like “laces” loop around the middle part of the foot and keep things tight without being restrictive. Additionally, the upper is made of a 4-way stretch material that allows your foot to be hugged quite nicely and stretch to accomodate your tootsies. This material also makes things pretty breathable. I literally love the way these feel on my feet.

The comfort isn’t just from the outer, but from the inside as well. As a pretty bad heel-striker, I appreciate their “SKYE Impact + Rebound” insole (100% biodegradable by the way), which is described as:

[SKYE Impact] is a built-in deep gel heel cup for impact absorption in the heel strike zone, for happy ankles. And SKYE Rebound is engineered with a springy gel to keep a natural bounce in your step, for happy walking.

The midsole is made from a patent-pending rubber base that is pretty supportive and flexible, and the arch support (which I desperately need in my shoes) is a fantastic addition. The only thing I

All of these are combined to create the Rbutus EL, an extremely comfortable, light, and eye-popping shoe, perfect for the Pacific Northwest!

Don’t forget to use promo code ‘runoregonSKYE’ for 15% off your purchase until February 1st, 2018!

Company: SKYE Footwear (Facebook)

  • Rbutus EL ($140) – Use ‘runoregonSKYE’ for 15% off through 2/1/18 
    • Navy, Slate, and Scarlet

More about SKYE:

We mean that in every way. From the physical to the principle, it all affects how you feel.

We’re a team of mostly busy folks. Often travelling, walking, working, waiting, bustling, and always on our feet. But we’re constantly left brokenhearted when favorite pairs of shoes just can’t keep up – they look great, yet we’re left with tired feet and sad knees. We were begging for stylish comfort.

We set out to make shoes that do comfort like we dreamed. A beautiful everyday shoe that pairs with every outfit (the mark of a true favorite), built for real comfort and long, long wearing.

So, we’ve spent most of 2 years designing and redesigning, searching and testing materials, never sacrificing comfort, never sacrificing style, never at the expense of poor labor conditions, and never at the cost of our precious planet.

The themes that bind our team are always about feeling good, looking good, and doing good.

We believe that happy, healthy people inspire happy, healthy people. And that’s a world we like to live in.

Thank you to SKYE for providing us with a sample pair. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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