Indiegogo of the Week: iGUANEYE Jungle Barefoot Shoes

For all of you who are “barefoot runners,” or appreciate the concept of barefoot footwear, iGUANEYE may intrigue you. Specifically designed for comfort and to allow the foot to remain as uncovered as possible, their newest concept is the “Jungle.” What really sets this apart is that the big toe is covered, and the heel is wrapped, while the other toes are free. It’s an improvement over flip-flops (or “slippers,” as my Hawaiian roommates called them) because of the heel grip – no more stopping mid-stride because your shoe fell off. And yes, you can run in them. They have two versions: The Jungle Lux, made from cork and leather, and the Jungle Light, which weighs next to nothing and has a waterproof sole.

They are made with a footbed and a “main body” piece that fit together, so you can order multiple colors of bodies with the footbed you want (cork or waterproof).

Product: iGUANEYE Jungle
Created by: iGUANEYE, a minimalist footwear designer based in Portugual, in business since 2012
End Date: January 20, 2018
Current Pledge Options: $49 – Receive a pair of the Jungle Light at a discount; $85 – Receive a pair of the Jungle Lux with leather sole; $90 – Receive a pair of the Jungle Lux with a leather sole and one pair of the ultralight Jungle Light with the waterproof sole. There are other options once those backing levels are reached.
Expected Delivery: May 2018

These shoes were developed to mimic as closely as possible the practice of Amazonian tribes, who would dip their feet in liquid rubber. This resulted in protection, without limiting movement, stability, and the ability to adapt on the move. The Jungle prototypes are making use of 3D printing with durable, flexible materials (Duraform Flex and Duraform TPU), with the next step being the creation of injection molds.

The Jungle is iGUANEYE’s second design. Their first, the Freshoes, have sold more than 20,000 pairs and turned the company into a truly international venture. Those shoes have interlocking soles (including a minimal upper) and footbeds – and we’re hoping to try a pair out to tell our readers about, as they look like a great post-run shoe.

If you want to pledge to the iGUANEYE Jungle Indigogo campaign, click here for more details and to get started.

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