Kickstarter of the Week: Stridalyzer Smart Insoles

Product: Stridalyzer Smart Insoles
Location: Bangalore, India
Kickstarter End Date: Jan, 7, 2015
Current Pledge: $19,198 of $25,000

I just purchased a pari of insoles for the first time in quite a while. My feet had just been hurting a bit, and I felt that perhaps I need a little bit more support in my new shoes. Until a store rep came over and talked to me, I ended up staring at the wall of insoles and trying to determine what really made sense for me. Am I a heavy-duty runner or medium? Did I need more arch support or not? It was all a lot of info and I left feeling good after talking to some smart people – but still confused as to what my feel are going to be telling me. So maybe something like the Stridalyzer Smart Insoles would be something to look into.

From their website:

The key to good running is in the fundamentals – your Running Form. Rather than focus solely on reporting metrics, Stridalyzer helps you understand, and improve, your form through an actionable, guidance-based approach and technology. While there are a lot of debate on the best way to run, there are two aspects of running that everyone can agree on: the “Right” way to run is unique to every person’s body, and that preventing injuries and increasing performance comes from the “right” form.

Stridalyzer helps you with determining YOUR right form, and helps you achieve that.

Stridalyzer uses a pair of insoles with a novel, patent-pending technology with multiple sensors integrated in them, to detect how your foot lands, rolls and pushes off the ground. All you need to do is put these insoles in your shoes, turn the app on, and start running; Stridalyzer automatically understands that you are moving, and will start collecting data about your run.

A neat feature to these insoles is that they will alert you if your form starts to deteriorate, such as changing your foot striking pattern or your pronation starting to change. You will also be able to see where your foot pressure is being placed so you can be proactive in making necessary changes to avoid injury. Nothing is worse than a knee injury right?

But it can go beyond just tracking, but also scoring.

…we have worked with fitness trainers to come up with intuitive, easy-to-understand metrics to help you measure your “overall” run performance using two fundamental metrics: “PerfScore”, which is your overall run performance score (aggregating distance, pace, incline, stride length & rate,  calories burnt, etc), to reflect the overall “effort” made by you.

We also defined a measure called “FormScore” – (aggregating the stresses on your feet and knees, overpronations/underpronations, etc) to give you an idea of your overall “form” during the run.

You can back this project and receive a pair of the insoles for $130, to be shipped around April 2015.

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