Kickstarter of the Week: WoodShirt

Product: WoodShirt by WIJLD
Location: Wuppertol, Germany
End Date: August 19, 2016
Pledge Goal: $16,409 (already funded at over $13,367)
Current Pledges: $22/women’s tee and $29 men’s tee

Our newest Kickstarter of the Week is already funded, but is just over a week away from ending. 

We all love tee-shirts, right? There is just something great and comforting when slipping on a well-made and comfortable tee. But, as simple as they are, there are many less than ideal and uncomfortable shirts out there. Developers at WIJLD have designed their product – the WoodShirt – which is made of wood “from sustainable cultivations, crafted under the fair and strict EU standards”.


On top of all of that, you have to love all the great and earth friendly qualities that the WoodShirt has. From their campaign:

Wood is a natural and renewable resource which is always better than any synthetic material. Even compared to other natural resources such as cotton or organic cotton, it is still more eco-friendly! And this is why:

  • cotton relies heavily on the use of harmful pesticides while almost no pesticides are used for growing trees

  • trees consume 20 times less water than cotton or organic cotton

  • it’s a local resource harvested under fair conditions: wood such as Beech, Spruce or Ash is ethically sourced from sustainable tree farms that are certified

  • the production of the wood fiber for the fabric is completely non-hazardous and non-toxic: the solvent liquid is biodegradable and easily fed back into the ecological cycle

And even better, when we sometimes think about clothing manufacturing, our minds are filled with less than ideal labor conditions (i.e human rights issues, bad environmental practice, etc) halfway across the globe. While WoodShirt’s manufacturing is in Portugal, the EU has pretty strong requirements for the working conditions, so this wouldn’t seem to be the case.

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