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What Run Oregon is Trying: Goby

Use as a last-minute stocking stuffer or anytime throughout the year!

At New Year’s, most of us are always looking for ways to kick the year off right and kickstart our health. Be that recommitting to running, lifting, or eating well – it seems to be the ideal time to get things off on the right foot. I try to look at goals a little more holistically and not just toss out ways to improve my health with running or nutrition (though those are important), but what else can I be doing as well. This year, I am leaping forward with some oral health care with Goby.

I have used a manual toothbrush my entire life, mostly because of convenience, coupled with the lack of desire to fork over big money for an electric brush. If I’m gonna dive headfirst into it, I don’t want to have something that is shoddily made and will fall apart in no time – I am wanting to invest in something that will far outlast standard toothbrushes. Goby seems to provide both – a solid construction and a manageable price point ($50 for the toothbrush and $6 for replacement heads).

Having good oral health really does have a transitive positive effect on the body as well. Aside from boosting confidence and self-esteem, there have also been some other studies that have shown that good oral health can lead to lower heart disease risk (we need that blood flowing), better memory capacity (to recall your PR and split times), and reduce risks of infection and inflammation. Clearly, this is important for runners.

The Goby is a pretty simple unit with solid output. The head bristles are circular and oscillate well for any size mouth. A built-in timer buzzes every 30 seconds so you can rotate between the four mouth quadrants. In addition to standard pressure, there is also a sensitive option on each brush for those who require more comfort.

Each package includes:

  • 1x Goby brush
  • 1x brush head
  • 1x hygienic stand
  • 1x USB charging shell
  • 1x USB converter
  • 1x brush head cover

There are five colors available: navy blue, light blue, orange, all black, and now pink.

The battery also seems to be pretty solid. I have been using for 10-days or so and haven’t had to recharge it yet. Goby states that the included stand portable USB charging shell only need 1-2 charges/month.

I think it’s pretty cool that Goby partners with the NYU College of Dentistry’s Global Student Outreach Program, by donating a sales percentage to help provide dental services to people around the world and country who are lacking in oral health care.

If you want to surprise someone, it’s just as easy to grab a gift card as well.


  • Goby Electric Toothbrush – $50 ($65 with no subscription) – Additional amount for Black and Pink
    • Replacement Head – $6
More about Goby:

We use it to eat, kiss, whistle, and howl at the moon. It’s a key part of how we express ourselves and experience the world. But it’s more than just a pretty smile, and oral care plays a huge role in our overall health.

At Goby, we love your mouth and want it to live up to its potential — which can only happen when it’s clean and healthy. That’s why Goby makes it easy, giving you the tools you need (exactly when you need them) to get the most from every minute of brushing, and every minute you spend using that big mouth of yours.


Thank you to Goby for providing us with a sample. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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