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What Run Oregon is Trying: Decibullz Custom Molded Earphones

The Decibullz earphones are a bluetooth headset with custom molded ear pieces. I was excited to try them because finding earphones that fit, are comfortable and stay secure has been a challenge. The first experience with most products is the packaging. The Decibullz earphones came in a nice box with a good presentation of the molds, earphones, control body, and accessory pouch.

Upon removing the items from the packaging I was struck by how nice the silicone tips were and the plastic that made up the earphone wire and control body. At first I was apprehensive about the molding process, but I was glad to learn that you can remold the inserts at any point. In addition, you can purchase additional molds in different colors.

To prepare I read through the instructions and then watched a quick video here. The process was easy, but you should read the instructions first because there are some tips that help it go smoothly.

As for the sound, they were incredible. The molding helps block out noise, making them great sound isolation headphones. Moreover, the quality of the drivers, combined with the sound isolation, made for great sound. The bass was deep and round and the highs were clear. For music these are my favorites going forward.

Running with these is so great. The fit and sound quality is unparalleled. They didn’t bother my ears and they stayed secure during both long and short runs. The sound isolation when running may not be the best thing for runners in certain situations, however, I just remove one earbud when I need to hear traffic. Even with only one in, it stayed in place and kept me motivated on my long runs.

Overall, I love the idea of custom molded earphones. Decibullz are very well made, easy to mold, and the sound is great. I recommend these to everyone looking for a great set of earphones or a great gift for friends or family.


  • Bluetooth Specifications: V4.1, aptX
  • Music playing time: 3.5 hours
  • Weight 16g
  • Come in Red, Orange, Black, Blue, and Pink

Price: $119.99 (also on Amazon)

Decibullz is selling their Bluetooth at $89.99 for the holiday season, and from Black Friday through Cyber Monday, Decibullz will have a buy one, get one free deal on the Bluetooth.

Thank you to Decibullz for providing us with a sample pair. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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