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Time management is probably one of the most important skills a person can have to successfully juggle all their personal and work commitments. Years ago, my family switched to online calendars so that we could all be aware of the things going on in other family members’ lives. For example, when my high schooler joined the swim team last week, he sent me a calendar invite to the practices for the entire season.

Monthly View

My main job these days is as a substitute teachers’ aide and science/technology teaching consultant in public schools. While I put my assignments on the electronic calendar for my family to see my irregular work schedule, all the details about scheduling, contact info, lesson planning, and billing needed a better place to be.

The Day Designer Planner, which covers the academic year, is the perfect solution for this.  In the front of the calendar, there are some tips on how to organize the planner for daily tasks, monthly goals, and recurring appointments. There is a month planner page, followed by weekly planner pages, wherein each day has a space to write notes as well as a to-do list. In order to fit a whole week onto a double page easily, Saturday and Sunday share a space.

Weekly view

For my purposes, the monthly planner gives me enough space each day to note the building and hours I am scheduled for, while the big spaces in the weekly planners allow for more notes of lessons, things achieved, and things left to do for next session. The top margin contains boxes for “this week’s top three” where I can add up the billable hours for the week.

The main things that speak to me in this planner are its efficiency, clean lines, and intuitive design. There is a lot of space to take notes, both on the weekly and monthly pages. Its medium size (5″x8″ – about the size of many tablet computers) makes it easy to fit into most bags. It is a valuable addition to the organization of my business.

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This elegant, stylish “Periwinkle” agenda features a richly textured cover with gold cover details. A journal-style leather-like cover with ribbon bookmark adds detail to this planner in the 5″ x 8″ page size. Weekly and monthly calendars allow for detailed scheduling and offers ample writing space. Dated July 2017 – June 2018.

More about Day Designer:
The Day Designer® for Blue Sky collection of beautiful and functional planning products and accessories inspire busy individuals to live a well-designed life.
“I created Day Designer in response to my own desire for a planner that was both functional and beautiful. I envisioned a planner that would be simple to use yet robust enough to handle the modern woman’s busy, chaotic, challenging – yet ultimately rewarding – life. An efficient planning system was truly the key to helping me, and busy women all over the world, find focus, create balance and live a more inspiring life.” – Whitney English
Thank you to Day Designer for providing us with a sample pack. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.
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