What Run Oregon is Trying: Helo 3-in-1 Massage Ball


Let me start by saying, when I first opened this up the helo Activator 3-in-1 Massage Ball, I was a little disappointed. It’s so lightweight that I worried it would disintegrate within a few uses. Think foam roller material and the size of a lacrosse ball and that’s pretty much the product. Fortunately, I discovered it’s surprisingly durable and does the job quite well . I tossed it in my gym bag and even passed it around with my bootcamp crew and it still looks like I just pulled it out of the box.

My husband, at times, teased that I looked like a scene in Jungle Book, with the bear scratching his back up against a tree, but it was totally worth the teasing. I could give my shoulder blades a little mini massage all on my own with the ball pressed up against the wall and I must say it felt amazing. It has several different surfaces to achieve different pressures – a smooth ball surface, a bumpy textured surface, and large knobs to really dig in.  The different surfaces are supposed to help stimulate different muscles, but I primarily used it to dig into knots, and for that it was great.

Lightweight, compact, and functional, the helo has earned a place in my gym bag.


Company: Rollga


  • Activator 3-in-1 Helo Massage Ball – $9.99


  • Fun & Easy To Use In Just Three Simple Steps
  • Replaces The Traditional Lacrosse Ball
  • Ergonomically Fits Your Hand
  • Download the “Rollga App” for Simple Routines
  • Small Enough To Take Anywhere
  • Easy To Clean – Strong, Durable & Effective

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