Race Preview: 2017 Civil War Relay (Corvallis to Eugene)

The Civil War Relay is a 52 mile one day event scheduled for December 3rd. Starting at Linn Benton Community College, and ending at Alton Baker Park in Eugene, the route is broken up into legs that are about 2 miles long. Teams can consist of up to 5 runners, but each team must be self supporting, there is no amenities on the route. the majority of the time will be spent running on the shoulders of rural roads, and I can personally vouch for how beautiful the region is, providing the weather is at least somewhat tolerable. The last section before arriving at the Park is actually in Eugene, which is the only part of the event within a city.

Single day relays, are in my opinion, the best kind of relay. It’s a lot easier to coordinate being fueled, properly rested, and have the correct clothing. As always with any run, but especially with relays, the best advice to heed is in regards to pace. Run conservative on the first leg to avoid a miserable experience!

With both competitive and non competitive options, the Civil War Relay is open to all. The route remains unchanged, but the competitive teams must maintain the same hand off order for the duration of the event. All teams must hand off at every stop point, no doubling up. The roads are not closed and the route may not be completely marked. All teams are advised to be aware while running and ensure they have an accurate map for the event.

Registration is currently open, the late registration deadline is from November 12th through the 18th. Cost before the late registration deadline is $350, regardless of how many people are on a team, and after the 12th it is $380. There is a discount for high school teams as well. For those that can’t provide a volunteer for the event, it is an additional $150.

Whether or not you are a fan of the college football experience, or have never done a relay before, this event will be quite the adventure. Traversing some scenic roads between Albany and Eugene on December 3rd will be a memorable time. Get the right team together, for laughs or speed, and you can almost forget the smell of a few runners crammed in a van for a couple hours.

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