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Race Preview: 2017 Flagline 50K (Bend)

flagline50kIn 2010, Dave Thomason, aka “Super Dave”, set out to create an amazing 50K course. It took a few revisions to get it right but in very short order, the Flagline 50K was born. By 2012, the race had drawn the attention of the folks who put together the USA Trail Championship races and they chose Flagline as their 50K that year, which was won by Bend favorite and pro racer Max King.

Very little has changed since 2010, although this year the start and end will be slightly different due to construction at the Sunrise Lodge. The course features a single 31 mile loop, starting at about 6,400 feet. The first 8 miles are downhill before facing the first of two 1,000 foot climbs. The majority is single-track trail with some gravel/dirt road in spots. If you are up for it, this is a race to remember.

Because of the ever-changing temperatures, fire season related issues and altitude, all racers are urged to over prepare regarding your clothing and fueling. There will be ample aid stations, stocked with the usual goodies like PB&J’s, salty chips, gummies, gels, water and electrolytes.

When: Sunday, September 17th. The early race starts at 7:00am. Main race starts at 8:00am.

Register: Online through Ultra Signup or in store at FootZone Bend. Cost is $70 until August 26th. $75 after that date.

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