(I can finally) Take a Hike with the Deuter Kid Comfort 2

I love this pack!

With my third daughter entering the world about 10 months ago, things have definitely been busy in my life. Racing on the weekends has slowed a bit, but putting in miles has increased as I have realized the necessity and value in lunch hour runs. Even though we are more selective, my wife and I still get to go out to dinner and events. However, one major activity that has taken a significant nose dive in 2017 is our hiking outings. With my little one needing to be held or carried, it’s just not super conducive to hitting the trails for even a short hike and picnic. While my wife has a small front pack, it’s not really feasible for longer distances as the little one grows heavier and heavier by the day.

The Kid Comfort has saved our hiking lives (and my wife’s back in the process)!


  • Weight (sans-kids): 7 lbs. 3 oz.
  • Volume: 980 cubic inches
  • Size: 28H / 17W / 13D

Our testing:

There is some more detailed descriptor on the product website, but I’ll keep things more simple and straightforward. This pack is comfortable and user-friendly, even with a kiddo strapped to the back.

The shoulder straps are anatomically shaped and have a 3D AirMesh lining which is super soft – making it so that it doesn’t dig in when you are lugging little ones around. The back also has the same lining and some specialized technology that wicks away moisture and warmth. I will say that I still sweated pretty hard (so don’t expect to stay dry on those warm hikes), but the pack itself stayed dryer than I expected. On the shoulder straps are load adjustment straps which are able to change their height – perfect for getting the optimum fit. The strap around the waist (much like a large hiking pack) does a great job at keeping the load distributed properly. There are a lot of pockets

I just think of it as a hiking pack, but hauling the most precious cargo imaginable instead of freeze-dried casseroles and granola bars.

Speaking of safety, the Kid Comfort is JPMA certified, meaning that it was built and tested with the safety of kids in mind. The kid seat is adjustable depending on the height of your young one, and the large chin pad is as good a pillow as there is out there. It’s a nice combination of security and safety, while still allowing some freedom of motion for the little ones. The foldable leg frame is simple enough to open (and close), and is a perfect option for when daddy needs a break. Simply unfolding it will keep the pack off the dirt and ground and keep the pack in sitting mode so that everyone is comfortable. Sometimes the little things are awesome.

So what does my daughter think about it? She can be pretty antsy if she isn’t held the way that she prefers. And she WILL let us know it, loud and clear, if that’s the case. We have now taken it on a variety of hikes – from in town to trails of various terrains and distances. And well…


Deuter can be found at a variety of local stores (Salem Summit Company in my instance), or bigger retail stores like REI.

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Deuter is fully authentic brand. We are passionate about our work and the outcome. Every team member is active and loves the outdoors. We are a down-to-earth company and we stay grounded – even during great business periods. This mentality is reflected in our integrity and our friendly, loyal way of dealing with each other and our customers.

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Bear included!


Thank you to Deuter for providing us with a sample pack. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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