Strava Segment of the Week: Hood to Coast Leg 16

Hood to Coast Leg 16. This is the leg I had one year when I was apparently in better shape than anyone on my team thought: I cruised in so early no one was there to meet me. For 20 minutes. No, I wasn’t that fast – one of my teammates had gotten sick, so everyone was tending to her and they forgot to watch the clock. But it’s a really fast segment, 3.9 miles with very little elevation gain or loss, straight up Highway 30 to Scappoose.

Checking in on our segment from two weeks ago, the Northwest Red Hawk Drive Climb, we have a new women’s course record holder! Ashley Fanning ran 8:18 on August 12, 2017. This new CR was part of a first-place age-group finish at the 2017 ORRC Garlic Festival 10k.

As of August 24, 2017, the course records for Hood to Coast Leg 16 are:

Women’s: Susie Rivard from August 2016, 24:29

Men’s: Christopher Antunes from August 2016, 22:07

So, can you beat their times and become the leader of this segment? You have until Friday, September 8 at noon to try and break the record and see your name in “lights” on Run Oregon! We’ll post a new Segment next Friday at 12.

Strava is an online training and racing log for runners and cyclists. The basic account is free and requires you to create a login. There is also a premium version, but in order to run and record routes as described in this post, you do not need to subscribe to their premium service. Note that this is not sponsored by Strava, nor endorsed or supported in any way by Strava. It’s just a fun thing we’re going to do to give some speedy shout-outs to area runners and pose a challenge to those of you willing to take on their segment. 

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  1. This year, I had to wait 2 minutes at the transition point after leg 25 for my teammate to arrive. It was due to it being a short leg, combined with traffic congestion at the previous parking area. Twenty minutes would have been unbearable.

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