What Run Oregon is Wearing: Endeavor Athletic apparel

The Exceed Run Short 2.0 in black and gray.

Joe: My first reaction to the Endeavor Athletic Exceed Short 2.0 were that they were well made with high quality material, but unusually heavy and larger than the average running shorts. With their extra wide waistband and drawstring, baggy cut, and loose-hanging zippered pockets on each side, they seemed more like board shorts or basketball shorts than true running shorts. But first impressions can be deceptive, and after several runs they really won me over.

Let’s begin with the qualities I liked initially: The construction and workmanship is very good, with excellent stitching and well designed tailoring that includes panels of softer fabric at the hips and upper rear, and at the lower back of the legs. The primary “Microcheck” material looks great, and the various elaborately named textile technologies do a great job of wicking moisture and reducing heat (“Evotek” with “Polygiene” odor control takes care of the wicking, while “Trizar” with NASA’s “Emisshield” technology handles the reflection of heat and increases UPF).

And my skepticism about other things quickly abated. Although they seemed bulky at first, the Exceed shorts felt light, soft, and flexible once I was on the run. The wide firm waistband was comfortable and kept the shorts up without being a nuisance. The loose cut actually hung naturally and there was little flapping. And the pockets hanging loosely inside the shorts stayed put and weren’t noticeable. It was nice to have the security of zippered pockets to hold my keys, and they would work great for gels and other small items too. Storm flaps keep the zippers dry and hidden when not in use. If you were going minimalist, there is also a conventional small inner key pocket with a flap at the top.

While perhaps not the first choice for shorter races, the Endeavor Athletic Exceed Run 2.0 shorts are a good option for training runs and longer races. They look great, and are versatile enough to be used for many other activities, or even for casual wear. My test pair is all black, although Endeavor currently only offers them in black with gray trim and gray with black trim.

Exceed Tank 2.0

Jenny: I received the Exceed Tank 2.0 in solid black in a size Medium. When I first took it out of the box, I instantly noticed the feel of the fabric – it felt soft and cool to to the touch. It reminded me of some base layers that I am familiar with for motorcycle racing. Endeavor uses their Evotek fabric which provides odor control and fast evaporation and also their Trizar fabric for heat management by reflecting sunlight and keeping you cool. All of this is why it felt cold when I touched it and that’s definitely a good thing!

Since it was a size Medium, it felt probably a bit looser than was intended but then that is how I like to wear my tank tops usually. I liked the way it felt on and it was relatively flattering and cute for being a solid black top. The tank top sat rather long on me, but I didn’t really mind it very much. It was very comfortable to wear. I could see myself wearing it just to work or everyday wear since it doesn’t look like a “workout” tank top and could even be called kind of “dressy.”

I tested it out on a 3 mile treadmill run and a 3 mile outside run in 90 degrees. On both, the tank top never clung to me as I sweated away and it remained cool and helped me stay cooler on the outside run so their fabric technology was obviously working! I was a little concerned to be running outside in the heat/sun in a black tank top but I actually felt cooler than I do in some of my other lighter colored ones, so I was pretty impressed.

The price for this tank is a little bit on the spendy side, but I feel that the product is of quality build and would last a long time. Overall, I really liked it and will be adding it into my weekly run outfit rotation!


Company: Endeavor (Facebook)

More about Endeavor:

Founded by a collective of elite athletes and trainers, Endeavor Athletic’s mission is to provide advanced performance apparel designed to help athletes at all levels achieve their personal best.

During training sessions, Endeavor’s founders saw firsthand how performance could be adversely effected by the active-wear athletes were trusting. Time and time again, progress and sustained athletic execution were limited by “performance apparel.” Endeavor saw a need for athletic clothing that acted as equipment—focused on performance under pressure, not trendy patterns or names meant to distract from poor quality.

Created and rigorously tested by world-class athletes, Endeavor’s collection of technical apparel combines curated advanced fabrics, technology and design features that work together to enhance performance through fit, fabric and comfort.



Thank you to Endeavor for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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