What Run Oregon is Wearing: Mizuno Wave Sonic


The shoes I typically run in are either black or BRIGHT – the brighter and cuter the better! So when the Mizuno Wave Sonic shoes showed up at my door to test out, I was in love! I mean, look at these fun shoes!! “Paradise pink” with those baby blue highlights! Pow! Totally my style!


The Mizuno Wave Sonic are the newest road racing shoes from Mizuno and they offer you a very firm sole, which is perfect for short fast distances. The outsole has a single piece of rubber from heel to toe which boosts durability and traction at quicker paces and also provides a snappy toe off. The upper part of the shoe has a mesh styling which is very breathable and keeps everything cool and flowing. This shoe has very little heel cushioning (23.3mm) and firm forefoot (16.8mm) cushioning with low flexibility. It weighs in at just 6.3 oz so its very lightweight and the very low 4 mm midsole drop creates a more natural running position and allows for better efficiency. Basically, this shoe is sleek, low to the ground and gripes your foot so you can go fast!

I wore these shoes in a variety of methods to test it out. Here are my impressions:

*Casual – at work/walking around store/house/out to dinner/neighborhood walk: I received a ton of compliments on the color of these shoes wherever I went and everyone kept asking me what brand it was. The shoes themselves were very comfortable and felt very natural. Even on tired running legs, they were still comfortable and easy to walk around in. I had no problems wearing them for a 16 hour day.

*Treadmill – 2 mile, 3 mile and 5 mile run: I generally run in Nike Air Zoom Pegasus which have an 11mm drop so going down to the 4mm drop of the Wave Sonic was a very large change for me. The 2 and 3 mile run on the treadmill were great – the shoes were snug to me and I liked how they felt as a I ran along at a fairly decent pace. I always get my running shoes a half size up and these fit well just like my other ones. Unfortunately, the 5 mile run on the treadmill in these shoes did not feel as great – after about mile 3, the back of my calves were on fire like when I first started running. I believe that this is no fault of the shoes, but because of how I run and what I am used to running in.

*Outside running – 3 mile, 6 mile and 8 mile run: After the 5 mile treadmill incident, I was a little unsure of running outside on these shoes. I did have the same experience on the 8 mile run but wanted to try shorter distances just to give it one more try.  To my luck, the 3 mile and 6 mile runs both went fantastic in these shoes – they felt (and are) lighter than the shoes that I normally run in and I felt like I was gliding along super fast! I have a weird tendency to roll my left foot slightly to the outside when I get tired, but I feel that the lower to the ground stance of these shoes somehow prevented me from doing that because I didn’t do it once.  On my 6 mile run, I managed my fastest pace at that distance and I credit that to feel and construction of these shoes.

Overall, I would say that these shoes are exactly as advertised – firm and low to give you that fast speed over short distances. Every time I look at them, the color just makes me smile and want to put them on!  I will definitely be using them for my 5k and 10k races to give me that added boost and bright style!!

Product: Mizuno Wave Sonic

Cost: $100


  • New midfoot U4icX Wave construction for lightweight cushioning
  • Lower midsole drop for natural running position and efficiency
  • Increased toe-spring midsole and zig zag shaped outsole for quicker transition and toe-off
  • Light, sleek seamless overlays and sock-like construction for a glove-like fit

Thank you to Mizuno for providing us with a sample pair. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.


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