Smell Like a Man from bottom to top with Goodwipes and Moondani Naturals


I first heard about Goodwipes when Teresa reviewed the women’s version in a 2015 post. She had this to say:

If you have ever run Hood to Coast, Cascade Lakes Relay, or one of the other long multi-day relays, you know how sweaty and stinky you can get. Probably more than food or a nice soft bed, the thing we find ourselves dreaming about while stuck in the back of a van is a nice, hot shower. Being blunt, we are also dreaming the hot sweaty runner crammed in next to us would take a shower and I’m sure they’re having the same thought.  That is just part of the weekend relay experience, but does it have to be?

I checked out the men’s version and, without going into too much detail, found that these did quite a solid job for the task at hand, and has definitely come in handy for pre-race “business”, much more so than the 1/2 ply porta-potty toilet paper (i.e. sandpaper). I have the same problem at work, and these are great to have around. They are biodegradable and flushable as well.

Even though these are meant for “down there”, they can actually be utilized as a face wipe given it’s mild “pH Balanced, Alcohol-free, Paraben-free and Hypoallergenic” qualities. The scent is pretty mild and doesn’t replace one nasty smell with another. Check out for all your “freshening up” needs.

Company:  Goodwipes (Facebook)


More about Goodwipes:

We’re cocoNUTS for wipes and for living the good life. We like to play tons of taboo, embark on adventures, giggle, goof, yell, attempt to bust out the occasional freestyle, workout, sip on barrels of wine, eat lots of Indian food and drink all of the coffee (good thing we’re surrounded by wipes). So, to sum up, we’re trying to do more and shower less, while still staying fresh, clean & confident. We’re just 3 little humans with 99 problems, but being fresh ain’t one.

Ok, so if we are being honest, Moondani isn’t just for men. In fact, it is pretty much exclusively marketed for the fairer sex. However, as a coffee drinker and someone who is snacking on the go, my breath sometimes feels the poor effects of forgetting toothbrushes or other means to keep my mouth fresh. I think most of us know that a main key to fresh breath is drinking lots of water – something that I am better at in theory than in reality (especially when I am doing training runs). I also don’t particularly enjoy chewing gum, as I already grind my teeth significantly, while sleeping and awake.

So Moondani felt like something that I would want to try out, regardless of who it’s marketed towards. If you can get over the similar shape and style as a small perfume spritzer, the size is actually nice and could fit in all small pockets within the running gear wardrobe. It also get’s rid of the jingle-jangle, if you are used to carrying mints.

The ingredients are all-natural and essentially made from distilled water, organic glycerin, and a variety of extracts and oils (ginger, cardamom, fennel). I found the flavor very palatable. It has a little “spice” to it, but not overwhelming. It has a faint pepperminty taste to it (even though peppermint isn’t in the ingredients), and doesn’t leave a weird aftertaste. It seems to linger an appropriate amount of time and I would definitely use this in situations – both post-run and beyond.

Company: Moondani (Facebook)


More about Moondani:

Like all good stories, mine starts with getting up close and personal. I’m a breath spray, after all.
I’m a specially formulated blend of natural breath fresheners like cardamom, fennel and ginger. I’m made of healthy ingredients that work and I’ll stay with you a long time. That’s why my name means everlasting in farsi. I’m just the committed kind of spray. I started out as an idea and turned into a final product that just launched.

*”More About” information taken from the company’s website. We like to let their own stories speak for themselves, because we review companies that have real personality and passion about what they do.


Thank you to Moondani and Goodwipes for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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