Run Preview: Oregon Brewery Series Lompoc Brewing Co. 5k

Saturday, May 27th is the date for the Lompoc Brewing Company 5k in North Portland. Like other Oregon Brewery Series runs, this is a fun run – there’s a clock to time yourself but results aren’t posted – so come have a good run (or walk) with friends (or come to meet new ones) and then enjoy a beer! My personal favorite? Their Proletariat Red.

The run starts at 11a, but you should arrive by 10:30a at the latest. You’ll need to check in (bring your ID for a wristband, which is what you need to get a beer), and you’ll probably want to allow for time to find parking. North Portland can be a tricky place to find a spot.

You’ll be able to use the restroom at Lompoc, and they usually have some music set up. It’s a pretty low-key event where people are easy to talk to and everyone’s in a good mood. There will be some instructions before the race (mainly route reminders) and then you’ll be off!

The course isn’t yet posted, but OBS staffs a volunteer at each turn so you won’t get lost. Speaking of volunteers … they also get a beer after the run! So if you’re running earlier that day or taking a rest day, help them out!


When: Saturday, May 27, 2017

What time: 11a

Where: Lompoc Brewing Company’s Q5 location at 3901 N. Williams Ave. in Portland

Register: Online here for $30 (save 20% with the code RunOR20)

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