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Maybe it’s the fact that I am a father or perhaps it’s finally realizing that I should start becoming an “adult”, but over the past few years, I have finally started to care about my grooming products. I don’t, and can’t, commit too much time to it (a full-time job, 3 young kids, a blog to manage, AND a running hobby have my “free time” pretty limited – every minute is used up!). That’s why it is nice to know what’s out there when it comes to skincare – that way I can have a good hygiene routine and be knowledgeable about what is out there so that I can be safe to my skin.

I feel that Olivina Men‘s tagline goes much deeper than just “caring” about graduating from Axe Body Spray and harsh lotions to a more mature line of skincare products – but also caring about what is good for the body AND the world. I like that Olivina Men’s line is vegan or vegetarian, not tested on animals, and sent in recycled bottles and containers. Couple that with meeting organic or natural standards, and that’s the kind of caring I want to do.

The Exfoliating Bar Soap is scented like Bourbon Cedar and is made from red kaolin clay and ground olive stone, and certified sustainable palm oil. It is designed to clean deep, which I must admit made me a little concerned about my skin – which is on the dryer side already. Luckily, the deep cleaning wasn’t harsh on my skin, which was a relief! The smell is strong when holding up to your nose, but I felt that it dissipated with time and left me with a well-proportioned scent.

The All-in-One Body Wash and Conditioning Cream are meant to work together, but not required. As someone who is continually working out on my lunch break, I have to pack a variety of items in my bag for post-run. While the 16 ounce body wash isn’t really a good size, I am excited that I will be able to fill up my portable travel containers and do away with my body wash and shampoo, as this all-in-one is designed to clean hair, body, AND face. I felt that the cedar and smoky vanilla flavors were more cedar that vanilla, and didn’t smell much different from the soap – which is probably a good thing. Nothing can be worse than having a whole melting pot of smells in the shower and on your body. One simple scent throughout is definitely the way to go.

The conditioning cream also can ease up some room in my work bag, as it can be utilized as a conditioner after shampooing in the shower OR as a hair cream in dry hair for adding shine and a little hold. So awesome. The cream is made from olive oil, elderberry, and barley proteinGiven that this can be used in a pinch as “pomade-lite” (it does an OK job, nothing spectacular if you are looking or needing a heavier hold), I was pleasantly surprised with how soft and non-greasy it left my hair.

I’m not a huge fan of lip balm in general. I find many are too thick for my taste, though I always regret my aversities when I start getting chapped up in early Winter and early Summer. The Juniper Mint Organic Lip Balm is made of cocoa butter and olive oil to keep the moisture locked in and protected. To remember to use it, I actually left it out in plain site on my computer stand at work. Just to get used to the application, texture, and “flavor” I would just end up applying a handful of times each day. While it alone did not make me a lip balm enthusiast, it does have features that would get me moving in that direction – the light texture (I hate feeling like I have vaseline on my lips) and the minty fresh kick (without being overpowering) being the main reasons.

Olivina Men has many more items in their webstore, so check them out.

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More about Olivina:

Life is Complicated.

The stuff you put on your body shouldn’t be. That’s why we craft our personal care products with simple, natural and organic ingredients that work well with all skin types. Each product has been thoughtfully designed to streamline your daily grooming regimen. With ingredients like olive oil and hemp oil, we’re taking the best from the past and future of skincare.

The inspiration behind Olivina Men is the tradition of the craft cocktail. A seasoned bartender creates a well-informed fusion of fresh and natural ingredients that results in a product that consistently exceeds expectations.

We’ve applied this attention to quality and balance to the development of our formulas. Our goal is to create the effective products that are earth-friendly, you-friendly, and wallet-friendly!

That’s why our products are Naturally Pure. This means they are…

  • Scented with all natural fragrances based on essential oils
  • Formulated to organic, natural, and premium body care standards
  • Packaged in recyclable materials
  • Never tested on animals
  • Vegan or vegetarian

*”More About” information taken from the company’s website. We like to let their own stories speak for themselves, because we review companies that have real personality and passion about what they do.

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