What Run Oregon is Trying: ion8 Water Bottle & Pomchies (Giveaway)

Recently I got a few new fun things that I thought were worth sharing with Run Oregon readers. The first, a no-leak water bottle from ion8, is clearly running-related … you run, you sweat, you need to drink more water. The second item (okay, items), from Pomchies, aren’t super running related but are pretty cool for anyone who is always on the go.

ion8 Ultimate Water Bottles (buy it online for $21.99) or you could WIN ONE HERE

It’s a water bottle, how innovative could it be, right? Well, if you’ve ever had a water bottle leak on you (or rather, your wallet), you know it’s a big deal to find one that stays closed. The water bottle I’ve started using has a snap closure and a clip closure, and it is leak-proof. It’s made by a company in the UK called ion8, and the one I tried out is their “Ultimate” model. Our giveaway is running on Rafflecopter here from today (April 28, 2017) and will be live for 10 days.

The snap closure can easily be released with a push of a button, perfect for getting a drink while on the move. You don’t have to worry about trying to unscrew a lid while running, or grabbing the mouthpiece with your maybe-not-so-clean-hand to open it up for a drink.

The technology is pretty simple: the lid screws on tightly and this system keeps things from leaking on you as you run on road or trail (or when the bottle is bouncing around in your bag). The drinking hole is about the size of a dime, with a pressure release hole on the opposite side, so you can drink your fill quickly. And there’s a rubber grip mid-way up the bottle so you can hold it without your hand getting too cold. (The bottles, I learned thanks to the internet, can hold liquids up to about 200 degrees F.)

The bottles hold about 18 oz (550 ml) and have a nice, wide opening at the top so you can actually use the icemaker on your fridge without the ice bouncing all over the floor. Even my 2-year-old is tired of the “pick up the ice” game we frequently play with his water bottle. They hold up well, too. I’ve been using mine for about six weeks and it still looks brand new, even after flights to Sacramento, San Antonio, and St. Louis, plus a daily to-and-from the office when I’ve been in town.

Pomchies (see all their goodies online here)

I got a “goody bag” from Pomchies just before my spring travel schedule kicked off, and the timing couldn’t have been better. My favorite thing about this company is that it started out with a goal of using scrap materials left over from making children’s swimwear. Swimwear, as you probably can guess, dries quickly. So it makes perfect sense to use it for things that are often handled and need to be easy to clean, or things that get wet or sweaty – like headbands.

Another cool thing about all their products is that they come in a huge variety of colors, as they also offer team orders. Maybe not the thing for you personally – but what a cool idea for a youth track team or relay team momento!

Luggage Tag


The item I ended up liking the most was the item that I was not sure if I’d even use at first: the Pom-ID, a brightly colored pom-pom that snaps onto the handle of a suitcase for easy identification at the airport baggage carousel. They come in packs of two for $9 and they are very much worth it. Not only could I see my bag coming, I was able to point it out to my co-worker, who was in a much better spot to grab my bag for me. “The one with the bright pink and yellow pom-pom” is better direction than, “That black one … no, that one.”

I was concerned about whether or not they’d actually stay on my bag (I’ve seen some horrible things done to suitcases at the airport and had to retire two of mine in the past year), but they have some heavy-duty snaps and they stay on very well. Plus, they’re washable!

KeyKeeperPom Keykeeper

The item that I actually saw an immediate running-related benefit is their Pom Keykeeper. It’s a lightweight and stretchy keychain, and again, washable. So if you are paranoid about losing your key while you run, you can wear this on your wrist. It’s not tight like a hairband, you’ll still want to hold the key in your hand so it doesn’t flop around. But it’s also available in super-bright colors, so if you have a key that frequently gets lost (mailbox key, kid’s key, key to the kid’s craft supplies that need supervision), it’s also great for that non-running purpose. They’re available online for $7.

water-bottle-holderPomchies Water Bottle Holder

And last but not least, another item that I wasn’t sure I’d use: a Water Bottle Holder. Turns out that it’s one of those things that, if you need it, you’ll be super happy to have one; otherwise you’re probably thinking, why do I need something to hold my water bottle?

It’s great for those times you go to the gym and you get a machine with no bottle holder. It’s actually perfect. You can hang your water bottle from the corner of the display – or on the center grip handle if you are on an elliptical. Genius. Also helpful if you are always short on cupholders (maybe I need to clean out my car); you can hang it from the gear stick. Like the other Pomchies products, it’s totally washable and dries very quickly. It’s $15 on their website.




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