What Run Oregon is Trying: Vellabox

Springtime in Oregon is known for several things, not the least of which is the vast amount of rain that falls on the metropolitan area.  It was a nice surprise on an otherwise cold, gray day to see a package bearing my name sitting in the mailbox.  It was from Vellabox, an artisan candle subscription company.  Basically, this means that for about ten dollars per month you can receive high quality candles from a variety of companies in the mail.

Taking the box inside, I quickly peeled the paper off and popped it open.  Inside, I found a cheery yellow box.  Inside that box, I found two Tin Wicks Candle Co. candles (one called “Spa Day” and one called “Tea Rose + Jasmine”) both in glass jars with tin lids and two Ghirardelli chocolates, all wrapped in a soft cloth and tied with string.

The chocolates disappeared within minutes.  The candles, however, have lasted much longer!  There is just something so relaxing about the scent of a candle wafting through the house as rain pelts against the windowpanes.  The Spa Day scent is a sweet scent, reminiscent of candy or custard, with a definitive lemongrass overtone.  The Tea Rose + Jasmine scent is very floral, almost like smelling an actual rosebush!

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I like to use the Spa Day scent in the upstairs guest bathroom or in my own bathroom during showers.  It’s a fresh scent that I can almost feel permeating my pores.  The Tea Rose + Jasmine candle is one I like to use downstairs.  I don’t even have to keep it lit for very long; a little bit goes a long way.  Both candles have been hits with my family.  My two year old keeps stealing the floral scented candle (when it is unlit) and running off with it pressed against her nose.

Tin Wicks Candle Co. is a home-based company in Florence, Oregon.  Their products are phthalate- and dye-free, vegan and non-toxic.  Each candle is handmade using essential oils and natural cotton-fiber wicks.  Their website, in addition to boasting beautiful background pictures of the Oregon coast, is easy to navigate and shows all the candles available for purchase, including some that kill smoke and pet odors!  Browse through different collections (such as the Wedding collection which includes candles with names like “Love is in the Air” and “Happily Ever After” or the self-explanatory Pumpkin Spice Holiday collection) or view the candles individually.  You can click on each candle to read a description of it.

As a person who loves candles and uses them often in my home, I am very excited to order more from this company.  Not only are they semi-local (to me) but use honest ingredients in their products, which is something I can always get behind!  I like the idea of Vellabox because it’s nice to have an element of surprise to my next olfactory indulgence!

Thank you to Vellabox for providing us with a sample box. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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