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I have been a subscriber to Five Four Club for about 6 months now. For those of you who don’t know, if you Five Four is a subscription box for men’s clothing. Each month, for about $60 (though you can use my code for $30 off your first box) and they will send you 2-4 items in your size and style preference – from jeans and socks to tee-shirts, dress shirts, and jackets. Of all the men’s boxes I have bought into over the past few years, this one is beyond my favorite and the one that I have stuck with the longest. You may not be able to send items back, like some other monthly men’s boxes allow, but you get to keep quaility items without getting sticker shock at how much other boxes charge if you want to keep the items.

So when Five Four Club announced about a year ago that they were going to be foraying into the running and atleticwear game, I was very excited. The quality of Five Four clothing has always been pretty dang good for the price, so I was intrigued to see if Grand AC would follow suit.

Grand AC is NOT a subscription box – it’s like every other online store. The first thing I will mention is that there is a huge selection of items to select from. Obviously a lot of time and preperation has gone into creating a diverse amount of items on the launch date, and there is something for everyone. While Grand AC has some really unique stylistic options that are definitely fashion-forward (and they do have a tagline saying “We want to look fly while we work out”), they have more subdued items that don’t alienate those who desire a more classic look (or for those who don’t really care what the look like, but will wear whatever they are comfortable in).

I was able to sample three items, the Amika Short Sleeve, Fargo Shorts, and Jubilee Pants. The first thing that I noticed about AC’s collection was the price. For a new company who is going for a more modern look, I was expecting a much higher price point to fall alongside other similar “athleisure” brands. However, the amount they are charging (all of these items were less than $40) for the inaugural run is right in line with the big athletic wear players that we are all familiar with.

While I have a pretty diverse and colorful work wardrobe (lots of pinks and bright colors), I find that my running wardrobe tends to be more grey and black. I don’t know that that is, as I don’t even think it is by choice. I ended up sticking with this trend by going with two grey items (the shirt and shorts), and one white item (pants). Even though the color schemes are simple, Grand AC definitely takes things past “standard” and has some really unique added features.

Amika Short Sleeve

I really like the look of the Amika Short Sleeve. It’s a little neutral in it’s color, but it has just a little bit of flair that I’m not used to seeing in many similar type running shirts. As a taller runner (6’2), I really liked the extended back hem that hung lower than the front of the shirt. The arm holes are also a little wider than most running shirts, and the material is a little thicker due to a 1-2 inch stripe. This provides a little different feel, but I honestly thought I would notice it more than I did. My first run in these was 8.6 miles (plenty of time to think about things), and never did my head go to feeling uncomfortable in the top. Therefore, I don’t foresee this being a problem for me.

The shirt is also made of 100% birdeye jersey, which I felt has held up great with warm temperatures. I realize we haven’t had many of those, but the few times it was sunny and above 60, it held up beautifully. The shirt also has a reflective stripe down the middle of the back.

Fargo Shorts

The Fargo Shorts are probably built more as a cross training or casual short than a full-on running short. That is not to say that you can’t (because I have used them exclusively as running shorts so far), but their design is a little thicker than true running shorts. Again, as a taller runner, I appreciate having at least one option in my running wardrobe that doesn’t showcase my milky white thighs.

The 97% polyester / 3% spandex blend again comes in neutral colors (black and grey) but has a little mini flair with a reflective logo on the fron and stripes on the side. It also comes with pockets, both on the side and one zipped on the back. I may not wear these for my next race where time is of the essense, but they will definitely see a rotation in my mid-week runs and casually lounging around the house.

Jubilee Pants

The Jubilee Pants are pretty stylish and sleek-looking. There is just something to be said about white pants – you have to be brave and confident, but if you can it’s a pretty sweet look. These feel great when wearing, they are really soft and have a decent amount of stretch. They have plenty of room in the thighs, but definitely make sure that you are comfortable with it being tight around the calf (by design). The pockets are also visible in the whites, which is not a big deal, but consider moving over to the black pair if that’s a deal breaker.

I will say that I found the waist size to run large in my pair. I am pretty much a large waist in all bottoms, and these were quite loose on me. The drawstring worked fine, but without them tied, I was definitely sagging. I would recommend sizing down.

Company: Grand AC (Facebook)

Grand AC is currently running a few bundle deals as well:

  • Buy 1 Short Sleeve Shirt + 1 Long Sleeve Shirt + 1 Pair of Shorts = Get 20% Off
  • Buy 1 Top + 1 Bottom + 1 Outerwear = Get 20% Off

More about Grand AC:

Grand AC is a high street inspired activewear brand based in Los Angeles. We want to look fly while we work out. Whether you’re spinning, running, hiking, or lifting we’ve got you covered. It’s about being Grand and feeling Grand.

Thank you to Grand AC  for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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