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Just a few of the styles and colors/patterns balega offers.

Run Oregon loves a good pair of running socks, so we were eager to test out a few pairs of balega socks. Both Nikki and Anette tried 3 different varieties of No Show socks:

  • Silver
  • Enduro
  • Ultralight

and Tung tried:

  • Silver
  • Ultralight
  • Second Skin Fit

Each style of sock has great color/pattern options, making them a fun (and practical) addition to your running wardrobe. They range in price from $12 – $14.

Annette’s Impressions: The Enduro socks fit comfortably and had a little cushioning in the heel and forefoot, making them quite comfortable. When I ran in these socks I didn’t notice them at all, which is a good thing. No slipping or rubbing – they just stayed put and let me focus on my run.

Nikki’s Impressions: The first time I tried these on, my son spilled a ton of water all over the kitchen floor and I stepped right into a huge puddle before I could get my shoes on. What I found was that they were pretty absorbent. I ended up wearing a pair for a workout and then around the house before a 5k that evening. It was a wet night and there were puddles everywhere that were impossible to ignore, and my feet stayed dry. My feet never got cold nor did they get too hot. It’s easy to see why these socks are balega’s #2 Top seller in the US and #1 in the UK.

Annette’s Impressions: The Ultralight socks were crazy comfortable when I slipped them on. They were thin, ridiculously soft, and felt like a little piece of heaven on my feet. However, when I put my shoes on the softness was a problem. My feet immediately began sliding around in my shoes. After running for about a half a mile, I stopped and tightened my shoes hoping that would help. It didn’t make a difference. My feet slid in all directions throughout the entire run. It made me feel really unstable and I was distracted by my socks the whole time. Even though these socks are amazingly comfortable, sadly, they do not work for my running.

Nikki’s Impressions: Unlike Annette, I didn’t have any issues with the Ultralight socks and felt them to be everything you’d expect of a thin sock, but in the best possible way. They were soft and comfortable and I felt they still had plenty of padding for my run. I think these will be my go-to socks when (if?!) the weather is warmer. I probably won’t wear them too much before then.

Tung’s Impressions: In their natural (i.e., unworn) state, the Ultralight socks seem really small. But they stretch easily to the indicated size without giving the sense that they’re too thin. I didn’t experience the instability that Annette did (which I have experienced with a small number of other socks before).

The Second Skin Fit was very similar, and since the sample pairs that I received aren’t the same color as the cardboard packaging they came in, I’m not sure I can sort out which is which between these two.

Annette’s Impressions: The Silver socks were my favorite. They were the thickest of all the socks, which made me a little nervous, but the thickness was mostly due to a well-cushioned heel and forefoot. This added a nice feel on the run. I liked how they almost made my running shoes feel a little softer. Like all of the other balega socks I tried, these fit snugly so they didn’t move around on my feet or slide down in my shoes. The silver in the socks is there to prevent the growth of bacteria and, as a result, keeping them odor-free. While I haven’t worn them enough to test this concept, I do like the idea of keeping bacteria from growing on my socks and keeping them from smelling like, well, feet!

Nikki’s Impressions: As mentioned above, the Silver socks were thicker and cushier than the other two styles, and super comfortable. Despite being a bit heftier, they didn’t make my feet sweat or get too hot. They were also my favorite of the three styles because they were thick but not uncomfortable in my running shoes. I wore these on a very wet run in a park and my feet were completely submerged a few times in puddles along the path. My feet stayed dry and never got cold. However, I should note that I did get a hole on the top of the big toe after the first wash. This might have just been a fluke though, because the socks do not feel low in quality in any way.

Tung’s Impressions: The Silver socks were great! Although they were indeed thicker and more cushioned than the other two I tried, this isn’t to say that they are thick, heavy socks by any means. I tested this pair while running interval reps at the track on a day when the sun was out and the temperature was in the mid-50s, and I didn’t feel like my feet were too warm or too heavy. Like Annette and Nikki, I would pick this pair as my top choice.

More About Balega:

Our proudly American/South African story is simple. We provide foot solutions to help runners perform at their personal peak in comfort. In doing so, we are afforded an opportunity to get involved in building closer, caring communities around us. This, in a nutshell, is our mission. We strive to be consistent, reliable, operate with integrity and to excel in everything we do so that every day we can add value and operate in the true spirit of ‘ubuntu’ with: OUR RETAIL PARTNER COMMUNITY, OUR RUNNING COMMUNITY, OUR WORLD AROUND US

*”More About” information taken from the company’s website. We like to let their own stories speak for themselves, because we review companies that have real personality and passion about what they do.

Thank you to Balega for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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