What Run Oregon is Wearing: Dynafit Alpine Seamless s/s Tee

Photo and description courtesy of Dynafit

Us bloggers are a close-knit group, with several long running inside jokes, some of them even appropriate to share via our posts. One of them refers to my avoidance to running in tops whenever the temperature climbs above 50 degrees. In a twist of irony as the days get warmer with the approach of spring, I was curious about a top from Dynafit, the Alpine Seamless s/s Tee. Touting light weight and breathability, both desirable traits and a simple design without prominent logos, I decided to give it a whirl.

In my 20 years of running, I have gained plenty of experience with the various fabrics that have come out. Most are designed with the main goals of light weight and wicking away air and moisture to keep the wearer comfortable. Some do a better job than others.

I was able to get in a handful of runs in the shirt, but no races. I wore it in everything from chilly rain to a slightly warm day in the sun. It performed well in all aspects. While not as light as some shirts I have worn, even in the rain it was so light it was barely noticeable. This was probably helped by the ‘vents’ on the back, which were a cool feature. When it was warmer, the shirt was not stifling, still allowing me to stay comfortable enough to keep it on.

The Alpine tee was well made, with no unraveling threads after two weeks as I have noticed with some other shirts. Fit seemed very good, I unfortunately ordered a size too big, but it was still comfortable. The material is soft and from what I could tell would not be likely to create chafing issues. I was a fan of the subtle logos on the black shirt, as I am not usually a fan of obvious logos, even though the cat head looks very cool,

Overall, I give this shirt 5 stars. It’s really comfortable and does the job in a variety of temperatures. It would be comfortable in the 40 to 50 degree range, wet or dry. The fit and lightness mean it would work for a long run or fast work on the track. I literally experienced no negative features. The only thing I would change in my experience is to get the smaller size in that vibrant blue.

Product: Alpine Seamless s/s Tee $59.95


The Alpine Seamless Shirt for quick, high-intensity, sweat-inducing trail runs and endurance activities scores with its particularly high-end fabric combination. The Dryarn fibers with a hollow fiber structure ensure perfect temperture management on the run. Four-way-stretch fabric guarantees ideal freedom of movement even with the athletic fit. This 85-gram-light shirts is totally seamless and made with an odor-resistant finish. Plus, the exterior resists pilling to ensure runners can enjoy the shirt for a long time.

Thank you to Dynafit for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.


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