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Tracksmith running apparel are some of the coolest looking items on the market today. They have an understated flair and a visual style that is reminiscent of the olden days of running on the East Coast (their store is at the halfway point of the Boston Marathon.. Oh, and their stuff is actually super well made. From the tees and tanks to shorts and bags, we have definitely been impressed. We reviewed a few items last August and really liked the old-school style and commitment

The Tracksmith Run Cannonball Run shorts should prove a valuable crossover pair and seems perfect for mixing in a little fun with my runs. The singlet really looks fantastic, especially paired with the Cannonball shorts. It’s really such a stylish and classy look – simple with a little bit of understated flair.

The Logan Jacket is definitely an investment, at almost $200, but I feel that this top may outlast most things in your closet. While it’s relatively lightweight enough for a run without weighing you down, I found it more heavy-duty than many running jackets on the market. And that makes sense given their description:

Runners are road warriors, in more than one sense. Training and racing take us near and far, requiring gear that’s versatile enough to handle New England spring showers and a passing Florida storm. Named for Boston’s venerable airport, we built the Logan Jacket with an innovative Swiss textile to handle these variable conditions.

This jacket definitely is more versatile than any other running jacket you probably own. I was able to put in a few runs in both light rain and downpours (thanks Oregon), and I found that it far outpaced all of my lightweight running jackets when the heavier precipitation fell. Obviously, it works great in the rain, but also I was able to double this as a casual evening jacket without looking out of place.

The Logan Jacket in blue

It also has some unique design components, essentially a highly-technical fabric (Schoeller) that combines natural fibers with yarns. They call this the “Breeze” and the “Meryl”, which create a cooling effect and insulates against the weather, respectively. The combination of these fabrics (combined with a touch of elastene for stretch), come together to have a jacket that won’t overheat you and also keep you dry. You can even use the washer and dryer to get this clean – something that is a big no-no with my other running jackets.

Some additional things that I appreciated were the cool little pocket on the inside to hold a credit card or cash, as well as deeper than expected pockets – something that is seemingly a little minor on the surface. But I can’t tell you how many gloves I have lost with shallow and/or no pocketed coats. The major drawback is the price tag, but again – this thing is in it for the long haul, so the investment may be worth it.

The Logan Jacket comes in three colors: blue, ivory, and navy.


Company: Tracksmith (Facebook)

More about Tracksmith:

Tracksmith crafts performance running apparel, inspiring publications and distinct experiences that allow runners to indulge in the sport’s rich culture.

Thank you to Tracksmith for providing us with a sample pair. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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