What Run Oregon is Trying: Loma Creek Rechargeable Floodlight Headlamp

When you are outside in the dark, being visible to others is just as important as seeing where you are going. There is a variety of headlamps on the market, most of which have varying brightness and strobe settings, but most of the ones I have used focus on lighting up a small area very bright. Because of this, it feels like I am losing peripheral vision and have to move my head around a lot to see my surroundings when running or biking at night.

The Loma Creek Floodlight Headlamp takes a different approach: While still emitting super bright light, the LED bulbs are arranged in a way that they will light up a wider arc in front of me instead of one focused spot that reaches farther into the distance. This is very useful in giving the bigger picture to the sides of the path, even while keeping my head and eyes straight forward. I can also see many other applications for this lamp besides running and biking. I have set up my fair share of tents in the dark, and a floodlight headlamp like this would be a valuable tool.

This headlamp is also my first rechargeable headlamp. The charging cord plugs into any USB adapter, and according to the product description, a full charge will give 7-8 hours of light on the dim setting and 3-4 hours on high. The lamp also has an SOS flashing setting (three short flashes alternating with three long flashes), and one charge will be enough power for 12 hours of SOS flashing.

The overall fit of the headlamp is comfortable. It has a 1″ wide adjustable strap, and the pitch of the lamp can be moved from straight ahead to 45 degree angle down. The lamp is water resistant, so you don’t need to worry if it starts raining during your run. Overall, it seems like a good multi-use headlamp.

Company: Loma Creek

Product: Rechargeable Floodlight Headlamp ($24.95)


Thank you to Loma Creek for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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