Race Preview: 2017 Tickle Creek Night Run 4-miler (Sandy)

There’s something special about doing a race at night in the dark that you just don’t get during your standard morning race. I personally find night races to be soothing and almost a bit hypnotic because I’m alone with my thoughts without the usual scenery to hold my attention. It can be a great way to end what could have been a stressful day and I always sleep well when I get home. If you know what I mean, maybe the Tickle Creek Night Run on May 6th in Sandy, OR is something you want to check out. This race also boasts a free beer and some music after you cross the finish line. Some of the proceeds from this race will go to the parks in the area, so you’ll be supporting a good cause in addition to having fun.

The Tickle Creek Trail is the most well-known trail in Sandy and it’s also mostly flat with one fairly steep hill that is only about a quarter of a mile long. If you are new to running trails, especially in the dark, this run would be a great start. There will be neon lights all along the trail and reflective gear and headlamps (or handheld flashlights) will be required for everyone’s safety.  Speakers will not be allowed either. The terrain is mostly gravel with a bit of pavement and sidewalk as well as two road crossings. The trail is about a mile and half long each direction, so this race will be a simple 4 mile out and back from the Bunsen Brewer microbrewery with some neighborhoods on the trails to be mindful of. The anticipation of finishing at a great local brewery might help you run a little faster, where you will find a free beer and live music waiting for you in celebration.

Because this race is the day after Cinco Do Mayo, you are encouraged to dress in celebration of this and any neon would be a plus. There will be free race photos available, so you’ll want to shine. There will be prizes for best costumes and some raffle prizes too, but you must be present to win, so stay awhile after the race and enjoy the festivities.


What: Tickle Creek Night Run

When: Friday, May 6th, 9:00PM. Check in at 8:00PM

Where: Bunsenbrewer (16506 SE 362nd Drive, Sandy, OR)

Register: Here

Registration Cost: $25 (price increases $5 on race day)

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