Dress Like a Man: Underwear 7.0 – featuring SAXX

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while, know that I have a little bit of a “thing” for men’s underwear. There are now 7 posts solely dedicated to men’s briefs on Run Oregon.

Despite the interesting name, I have actually been a user of SAXX underwear for about a year now. When I first decided to upgrade my underwear game, I took a flyer on the company and they still remain in great shape and as comfortable as ever (thanks in large part to their BallPark Pouch). When I saw Tung’s review of SAXX’s Kinetic Tights, I thought it would be a good opportunity to circle back around and see what SAXX had going on in the underwear department.

This is my first venture out of their “Everyday” lines and into their performance “Kinetic” line, an 85% Nylon/15% Spandex blend that seems ideal for physical activities. Coupled with “moisture wicking 4-way stretch mesh fabric” and “grip elastic leg opening” for excellent aerobic comfort.

I checked out two different styles, their Kinetic Boxer and the Long Leg version as well. Both were constructed the same way, with the Long Leg extending to just above the knee. During testing, I found both to hold place quite well, while still avoiding being too much on the compression side. Their definition of “semi-compression” seems to be on point – its secure and tight without being constrictive. For those who may have chafing issues and/or use body glide to avoid it, I think that both these would take care of that problem quite well. I have worked out a few times in these and, as a relative regular to body glide, I have felt no need at all. The BallPark pouch still keeps things comfortable as well, so it’s a win-win across the board. The price may be the only drawback to these great underwear.

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More About SAXX:

In 2006, Trent Kitsch was on an Alaskan fishing expedition and after spending hours in a cold, clammy ocean suit he knew there had to be a better way to protect his package from chafing. A former baseball player, he imagined a catcher’s mitt hammock design and turned it upside down in his mind. After the fishing trip, and with the hammock idea still percolating, he worked with a seamstress and designer – and himself as the fit model – to create a panelled fabric hammock that separated his balls from his legs. Fourteen prototypes later, the BallPark™ Pouch and SAXX Underwear was ready for action.

Every pair of SAXX underwear houses our patented BallPark™ Pouch construction that makes them the most comfortable, high-performance underwear ever made. The BallPark™ Pouch, Three-D Fit™ and Flat Out Seams™ combine to give you the room you need, while preventing unwanted friction. Each pair also features a Moisture Wicking Waistband that keeps you dry when the temperature rises. Lastly, we use a wide range of cutting edge, technical fabrics, each with a specific feature to enhance your wearing experience.


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