What Run Oregon is Trying: Fun Run Box (DISCOUNT CODE)

Subscription boxes are all the rage these days. There are boxes curated for just about any interest or hobby, including running. Fun Run Box is the only box where you can try out the newest running gear and earn a finishers medal!

Fun Run Box was started when two runners (one avid, one reluctant), realized that there was something missing in their running lives. They signed up for races, they participated in fun runs; but they wanted a regular challenge without having to drive out to a remote location to get it. They wanted awesome training shirts and running swag that would motivate them, provide that extra purpose. Most of all, they wanted something fun that could keep them moving and excited to run!! Fun Run Box was born!

When you sign up, your first box is an amazing welcome kit stuffed with an official Fun Run Box tech training shirt, FRB cinch sak to tote around your essentials, a FuelBelt hand-held water bottle, hydration powder and a bar to keep you fueled. Most importantly your box will contain your VERY FIRST CHALLENGE! Fun Run Box is not just another runner snack box, we challenge you to push your limits! It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, we want you to use the challenge cards every month to push your self to run a little farther, run a little harder, or simply try something new.

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The swag in my December edition of the Fun Run Box included snacks, a cool tech shirt, a light for nighttime running and a challenge card.

Designed for and catered to runners at all levels, this box is the best at creating an inclusive experience for anyone at any running level. I was eager to try out a Fun Run Box and I was not disappointed! My box arrived crammed full (in a good way) with an “ugly sweater” theme technical shirt, race bib, magnet, challenge card and a plethora of goodies to try, including Run Gum, a Honey Stinger Bar, Gurney Goo (a fabulous alternative to other anti-chafing lotions and sticks) and DripDrop hydration powder. While all of this stuff was cool, the part that intrigued me the most (and why I wanted to review the box in the first place) was the Challenge Card.

The Challenge Card is a 4-week training plan with options for the beginner, intermediate and advanced runner. Simple instructions outline 3-5 workouts per week (including speed work!) and directions for a “Final Challenge” race. These workouts are easy to follow (but the workouts themselves are on-par with a running coach’s training plans) and include tips on how to calculate your training pace.

Company: Fun Run Box, a monthly  subscription box for runners.

Price: Dependent on your choice. A monthly subscription is between $32-$35. The more months you sign up for, the better the savings. When you register, you can customize your box with bicep, calf and t-shirt, and sock size. This is not a “one size fits all” subscription! Single boxes and add-on boxes are available from anywhere between $30-$45, depending on what is included. For a peek inside what past boxes have contained, click here.

Impressions: This box has it all. A perfect combination of fuel, tech gear, training plans and tips, this box is complete. I love the idea of a theme each month, and think the idea of a new series every six months with a finishers medal at the end is clever and an enticing way to keep a reluctant runner motivated.

This subscription is motivating enough for an individual but I think it would be most enjoyed with a friend who has the same subscription. Is what was inside enough to make me subscribe for more? For a friend or family member, definitely yes. Probably not for me, but I am definitely am interested in the box that is catered to the Long Distance Runner. Overall, I would say this is the subscription box to put on your gift-giving radar…even if that means giving it to yourself!

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Run Oregon occasionally receives items to test. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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