Kickstarter of the Week: Wu & Y Art on Activewear Shorts

  Product: Wu & Y Activewear Shorts by Eric Wu Location: Brooklyn, New York End Date: Friday, July 1st Pledge Goal: $5,000 (Funded) These are shorts for anyone looking to add some color and creativity to their wardrobe. Life is too short to go to the gym or out for a run in boring gear. Bright and fun prints give your workouts a little added energy. It’s a bonus that this line uses artists from around the world and fairly compensates them for their work. The patterns are creative and unique which means you won’t have a twin on the treadmill next to you at the gym.

Equally exciting is the fact that these are functional. According to their website:

For pledges of $48 or more, sponsors will earn a pair of adventure shorts with free shipping to anywhere in the United States. For pledges of $95 or more, receive two pairs of adventure shorts. For pledges of $135 or more, receive three pairs of adventure shorts, a pair of bamboo socks and an invitation to the Influencers. Fun prints and a practical style, it’s easy to see why Wu & Y Art on Activewear  shorts boast that they are ideal for everything. No need for a fanny pack with these, they have a secret pocket and four zip pockets to keep cash, lip gloss and other necessities. Their fabric makes them perfect for the gym and their functional design make them practical for life. These are upgraded shorts with some personality and I would argue we all need more of that in our closets.

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