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DISCLAIMER: I didn’t make this. This photo was provided. But mine basically looked like this. (It at least tasted like it did.)

A little white ago, I decided to try out some of those home-delivery food boxes you may have heard about. You know, the boxes that come with everything you need to create healthy, delicious meals without going to the grocery store? Well, this review is about a company I’d never heard of, but I’m glad I know now!

PeachDish has its roots in the south. Georgia, to be exact. They have a special ingredient – I’d call it their “secret sauce” – called PeachDish salt, that is salty and savory and right up my alley! The recipes I made from PeachDish were so good, I’m putting them in regular rotation. Their PeachDish names are “SuperFood Salad” and “Spice-Roasted Chicken with Avocado, Quinoa & Black Beans.” What’s not to love?

So, Was it good? How much was it? and Would I order it again?

Yes – it was sooooo good.

Subscribers pay $12.50/meal, but if you’re a “guest” there are additional shipping fees. It’s worth it to be a subscriber.

Yes – I’m planning to order this, because their recipes have a certain heat that is unique and amazing. And, they’re healthy!

Click here for more info and to place your own order from PeachDish.

This is the SuperFood Salad. Also not my photo (provided by PeachDish), but mine tasted even BETTER than this looks.

A little about the company:

PeachDish strives to create recipes that are fun, informative, healthy and delicious. Each dish uses the freshest ingredients possible, and the company purchases produce at the season’s peak to achieve the most flavor and nutrition. PeachDish works directly with farms and purveyors to source ingredients local to the Southeast, which has an especially long growing season.

PeachDish’s team includes a resident chef and culinary director, Seth Freedman, and in-house dietitian, Mary Alice Shreve, both of whom help plan PeachDish’s recipes. Some background on each – Seth is formerly of NYC’s Oceana, March, and Tabla and Atlanta’s Four Seasons and Bacchanalia at Star Provisions, as well as Creator of Atlanta-based catering company Forage & Flame. Mary Alice works closely with Seth and PeachDish’s partner chefs to promote well-balanced, wholesome meals by analyzing nutrition content and providing counsel during menu development.

PeachDish customers choose from eight different menu options each week, including at least two vegetarian dishes. Receive as many as 12 servings per dish, or as few as two servings (more servings may be ordered through customer service). This is great if you like to bring leftovers for lunch or have extra food to skip the stovetop for a night. Boxes are priced depending on number of servings ordered, and shipping location around the U.S. Order as often as you like, with free shipping for regular subscribers.

As with other boxes, the veggies and fruits were fresh; the meats were properly refrigerated. Their philosophy? “Avoid chemicals. Go straight to the farmer, and cut out the middlemen. Source the freshest possible food while supporting small producers throughout the South.”

And, my favorite – there was even a pepper mill included. My mom (also a much better cook than me) helped me out with these, and so for this review, because all I have to say is YUM, I’ll post her comments! And, maybe tease her a little bit.

Sorry for the horribly cell-phone photo, but I had to show you my mom’s contributions.

First of all, one of our recipe cards included the phrase, “mise en place,” which my mom circled and wrote “what does that mean?” Thanks to my Alton-Brown-watching husband, I know this means “putting in place,” which essentially means, getting all your ingredients prepped and put into easy-to-add bowls and measuring containers. In other words, making your kitchen look like a cooking show. This is easy with PeachDish; everything is sent in the proper amounts so you basically just need to open a package and pour the contents into a bowl. By building this into the recipe’s steps, everything will flow smoothly.

Next up, my mom circled “pepitas” (one of the ingredients), and wrote, “are they the little, sad green things?” which just made me laugh … because she also pronounces cilantro like “sill-an-trah.” Based on a process of elimination, she should have been able to figure it out; but the main point here is that the ingredients aren’t labeled, so you will need to know a little bit about what you’re cooking.

Finally, my mom was extremely suspicious about the SuperFood Salad. I’m not going to share the entire recipe, but I’ll tell you the ingredients included kale, bok choy, wheat berries, and shallots. She thought it was going to be awful – fortunately, she was wrong, and it was amazing. I was especially impressed with myself that with the recipe card’s help, I was able to even make my own vinaigrette.

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