Race Preview: The Inferno – September 19, 2015

The Inferno is coming! In fact the 2015 Inferno Extreme Obstacle Course is just under a month away from hitting the West Salem hills. The fun begins Saturday, September 19th,. This is no ordinary adventure run and there is no mud involved. The event includes distances as long as a  half marathon, as well as a 6-miler and 3-4 miler. The 13.1 mile course will feature over 30 obstacles AND a swim. It’s like a triathlon, but substituting obstacles for cycling. The 6-miler also includes the swim and the 3-4 miler participants will still get 15+ obstacles but get to exclude the water portion. If you are so brave (and so fit), you can register for the Skulls Challenge, a full marathon distance with 60+ obstacles and a ¼ mile swim. I’m tired just typing that out. Your race history will need to be submitted, as this is definitely not for the average Joe.

There are workouts occurring weekly at Peninsula Park in North Portland, so you still have a few weeks to do some training with a group of same-minded craziness. Race entry fees are not for the feignt of heart, but include a shirt, medal, post-race beer, and a TON of bragging rights.

Use code SAVE20 to save 20% off any distance. 

The Inferno (Salem)
When: 730am
Where: Zena Springs Farm (5560 Zena Road NW, Salem OR 97304)
Register: Online here;  $223.54 for Skulls Challenge, 116.99 for half marathon (a few bucks more for the competitive heat), $106.44 for the 6-miler a few bucks more for the competitive heat), $95.89 for the 3-4 miler.


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