Race Preview: 2015 Ghost Runners Brewery Beer Mile Chugs on September 13th

For the 21 and over crowd, Ghost Runners Brewery is offering a Beer Mile on Sunday, September 13th at 3:00 pm. This is an opportunity to drink and run, literally. Somewhat of an underground sport, beer miles are gaining popularity across the country.  Space will be limited, so register early to save a spot. The $30 registration fee includes the one mile run, 48 ounces of beer, a commemorative t-shirt and a Killer Burger gift card for a free burger, fries and soft drink.

Taking place at the brewery, participants will be divided into heats of 10-20 people, depending on their pace. The challenge starts with drinking 12 ounces in the Ghost Runner’s tap room, then running a quarter of a mile loop in the parking lot and repeating for a total of four times. Some people will test their running and drinking abilities and others will just enjoy the experience. Runners and walkers are welcome. Get registered and hit the brewery at 4216 N.E. Minnehaha Street #108 in Vancouver, Washington on September 13th. Make sure to bring your photo id to verify age and remember all beer must be consumed in the tap room. Drink, Run and Repeat on September 13th.

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