Product Review: LED Lenser USA NEO Headlamp

Welp, I have good news and bad news for you all. The bad news is whatever clunky headlamp you’ve been using to run in what will soon be a dark, gray winter is totally the pits. The good news?? I have found the best headlamp to replace it.

The folks over at LED Lenser USA were kind enough to send me their NEO headlamp (MSRP $25.00) to try out and I fell in love. Yes, I fell in love… with a headlamp.

As a runner that also doubles as a mom and a full time employee, sometimes I need to get my run on when the sun hasn’t even come up yet. As I and I am sure, all of you, know all too well, it can be kind of dangerous out there on dark roads. I always have worn my old headlamp and a reflective vest, but I always find myself so annoyed with my headlamp because it is big, clunky, way too bright for what I am using it for, and always leaves a mark on my forehead.

When I received the NEO headlamp I was really impressed with how light it was, 1.9 oz.!! I also figured out that there was a blinking red light on the back of the headlamp built into what I can only assume is the battery pack, you’re seen from the front and back without having to jimmy rig another blinker on the back (Hood to Coast ready, just sayin’!).

I have taken this headlamp out on four runs over the course of two weeks and I was so happy with it every single time. The light beam in the front is a white light that has an ultra wide beam and 90 lumens of light. Remember how I said I didn’t like the overly bright headlamp?? Problem solved. This light is ambient enough to where you can see and be seen but not so bright that if you want to have a conversation with someone that they’ll temporarily lose vision.

The weight of this is something that we need to talk about again. So, I have found that when I wear this headlamp I definitely forget that it is even there. It just feels like its apart of my head and at no point feels like I need to adjust it. The longest run I have taken it on is a five miler and I never had to mess with it other than to turn it off because the sun was up. The headband is small and leaves no marks on my head and is easily adjustable, although, mine came to me just the perfect size.

The price point, $25.00, is now even more amazing to me considering all that this lovely little headlamp can do and if you’re in the market I would just stop the search and go for this. I am usually the first to pipe up about things I don’t like – but this headlamp was made for runners or anyone that needs to be outdoors at dark o’clock. The LED Lenser NEO comes in many different great colors: green, pink, blue, yellow, orange – go buy yours today!

Shining bright with my LED Lenser NEO Headlamp!

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