Race Preview: Kevin’s Cup XXIII

X Dog Events has been around for a while, and every time I have encountered them, it has been a good time. What it hasn’t been, is a clean time. Kevin’s Cup is no exception, a cross country 8K in West Linn. Traversing varied terrain, with the notorious wet November weather to boot, this race will probably require a hosing off of the shoes after. I personally have not participated in this race, but watched my wife run it last year. What I saw from the sidelines had me itching to join the event.

The location is Mary S. Young Park in West Linn. The event is scheduled for November 15, and you can sleep in because the race does not start until 10 am. If you don’t get a chance to register ahead of time, you can do so on the day of, as they will be available for that and check-in starting at 8:30. You can register here or check out the official event page here.

The course is two loops, so if you didn’t get enough of the terrain, you will get to experience it again. This means multiple creek crossings and mud pits, so a change of shoes and socks at the least is recommended. In the spirit of a good time run, there will be a costume contest, so feel free to get creative with your race attire. Their description is as follows:

This nasty lil’ trailers serves up a variety of challenges… mud, creeks, trails, brutal ankle twisting switchbacks, bone-jarring down-hills,  lung-searing up-hills and more.  If you are looking for some cutesy downtown commercial road race… save the coin. If you enjoy the eye watering, sweat dropping, and snot flying challenge that this course will promise — then… risk the skinned knee, scraped elbow, and damaged ego and run it.

In other random race news, there will be Super pace Dudes and Babes on the route. As far as I understand, these individuals will be dressed in an..interesting fashion and will appear on the course randomly. If you happen to see and catch one of these people, there may be a prize in it for you.

In a flash of brilliance, these guys have decided to do the awards ceremony at a different location. It would be a little more enjoyable to talk about the race and enjoy the awards while consuming pizza and beer in a building with heat after freezing your toes off. So after the event everyone is invited to Round Table Pizza for the overall and age group awards. All participants will receive a pint glass and there will be random prizes as well.


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