Book Preview: Spartan Up! by Joe De Sena


Joe De Sana, founder of the well-known Spartan Race series, has a hot new book about to hit the shelves.  Spartan Up! is a “take-no-prisoners guide to overcoming obstacles and achieving peak performance in life” and will be out on May 14, 2014.  De Sana uses the Spartan Race as a metaphor for life.  His motivational book compares the obstacles in his world-famous events to the obstacles we face every day.

Joe at Spartan Staten Island

Joe at Spartan Staten Island

Joe De Sana is no stranger to obstacles himself.  He was forced to overcome disadvantages and challenges to create his own success. While the Spartan Race is wildly successful, this event creator is not just an idea man.  He is an endurance athlete himself, completing over 50 ultramarathons and 14 Ironman events and more.  The combination of being an endurance athlete and successful businessman is what makes De Sana legit.  He understands the training, both mental and physical, it takes to succeed and he wants to share that with his readers.   He currently shares this with a variety of businesses as a speaker, and with elite athletes such as the U.S. Olympic wrestling team through some rather unconventional training methods.

The concept of the Spartan Race initially was created while De Sana was working in a high-powered Wall Street job. He wanted a way to evaluate prospective employees.  A way to see who would stick with it when things got tough. And, he wanted a lecture-free way to inspire others and allow them to grow.  Since then, the Spartan Race has morphed into a way of life for many competitors.  De Sana has seen the transformation of all types of people who have completed a Spartan Race and he has a passion to continue to spread that change.


Spartan Up! explores the concepts of the “Spartan way,” and how it applies to success in every part of life. 3 of the most important concepts being:

1) Question your assumptions

2) Less is more

3) Discipline is everything

De Sana applies these concepts not only to fitness, but eating, business/work, education, relationships, and even parenting.  He believes we need adversity in order to grow.  But, there are also some skills that must be learned in how to grow through that adversity, including something called “obstacle immunity.”  In other words, not allowing obstacles in life to faze you.

Spartan Up! is endorsed by athletes and business people alike, from ultramarathoner Dean Karnazes  to Mark Rampolla of Zico Beverages and more.  As a business owner and obstacle course race lover, I’m eagerly anticipating the arrival of my copy.  I would highly recommend that you pre-order Spartan Up! , as it looks to be a book that will jump off the shelves quickly.


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