2014 Gorgeous Relay Registration is Open

Gorgeous RelayRegistration for the Gorgeous Relay is open and spots are filling up. Technically, this is the second year for this one day Northwest relay.  Last year was a test run with a limited number of runners giving the course a try. This year, it’s an official event, permits, port-a-potties and the works. Sunday, September 21st will be the ‘official’ inaugural Gorgeous Relay starting at Wyeth Park and finishing at the Base Camp Brewing Company in Portland.

I’m not a beer drinker, but after checking out the aluminum bottles that Base Camp Brewing Company uses, I might have to try a sip. I’m guilty of picking out wine based on the bottle, too. Clearly not a wine or beer connoisseur, I probably should just stick to running. September 21st, I’ll be getting plenty of running in with my WE RUN teammate, tackling 62 miles as a ‘Dynamic Duo.’  The course changed slightly from last year, taking some mileage off and getting us to the brewery a little sooner. Instead of a park at the finish line, they’re closing down a whole street for us to celebrate. I’m easy to please, just give me a curb to sit on and I’m happy, but at least there will be plenty of room for us to spread out and relax.

The course is a little shorter, but most of it remains the same. It takes advantage of the Historic Columbia River Gorge Highway, running from Wyeth, just east of the Cascade Locks, through Troutdale, Fairview and Gresham, finishing with the Springwater Corridor into Portland. Some super challenging legs, but the views make it worth it. The course includes 12 legs and runners can divide it up based on participant strengths, like most relays.

Most team consists of 5-6 runners and register under the ‘Standard’ ($420) division, teams with 3-4 runners register under as ‘Extra Credit’ ($280), teams with two runners are in the ‘Dynamic Duo’ ($140) division and ultra runners that  want to go solo are considered ‘Hard Core’ ($75). Prices will go up June 1st.Gorgeous_Relay_Crown_Point

New this year! Register before April 30th and get a $15 gift card at Fit Right. Also new this year, is the option to ‘buy’ a volunteer. Like most relays, each team is required to provide a volunteer for a 4-hour shift. Friends of Columbia Gorge are available to ‘rent’ for $100.  The rented volunteers are limited to 20, so if you prefer borrowing someone instead of begging friends and family, don’t delay.

You just need one day and one van to make a perfect relay. The course is gorgeous and the Race Directors, Blair Hook and Kerry Loehr do an amazing job making this event spectacular. Last year was a blast and I know this year will be even better with more teams on the road, more sponsors and, the best part for me, official port-a-potties.

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