Product Review: Core Power Protein Shake Review

Core Power shakes and Skora shoes

Core Power shakes and Skora shoes

This is one of three reviews on the Core Power protein shakes. We had three bloggers from varied backgrounds sample them, to give you a diverse range of opinions on this product. These are a true milk shake, but contains no lactose.  It comes in both regular and ‘light’ forms, with a difference of 6 grams of protein and 90 calories. The light one contains 20 grams of protein and 150 calories. They come in 11.5 FL OZ containers, perfect for on the go.

First, a little background on myself, so you are able to understand my point of view. I am a thirty one year old, high energy, competitive runner. I actually recently started drinking protein shakes on a semi-regular basis and changed my diet to include more meat to allow me to be more competitive in longer races. I had connected my tendency to ‘bonk’ to my lack of fat reserves, as I am almost six feet tall yet was under 140 pounds.  After half a year of a protein heavy diet and daily shakes containing 34 grams of protein, I had gained 8 pounds, drastically reduced the bonk occurrences, and nearly curbed my incessant hunger.

The first one I tried was a light, strawberry banana flavored version. I had it after a run, and it went down rather smoothly. The flavor was better than most similar ones I have tried with a similar taste. It wasn’t gritty or syrupy either. I found it actually lighter than a typical strawberry milk, and not very filling.

The next day I tried the chocolate flavor, and it was also light. It was not as smooth as the strawberry banana and actually seemed a bit gritty. The deal breaker for me was the flavor, as it had the distinctly bitter taste of dark chocolate. That may have been a factor of me consuming it rather soon after a hard run, as I have noticed happens sometimes, so I would not completely write it off. I had the same issue with the first flavor, in regards to it not being filling.

On day three I tried the regular one, it had a vanilla flavor. I chose well, as it was the recovery drink after a nice hilly twelve mile run. It is by far the best protein drink I have ever tasted, and the texture was perfect. Thicker and heavier than the other two, it was easily my favorite. Usually my stomach can be a bit finicky after a long run, but it set well, which surprised me.

After making shakes from powder, it is nice to have the convenience of a pre-packaged one. The only drawback is the size and protein amounts are smaller than I am used to. They make a great post workout recovery beverage but for me personally, they do not work as a meal replacement. Overall, I’d be happy alternating the vanilla and strawberry banana flavors, just not in the light version. The flavor is definitely better than any powdered mix and that I will definitely miss.

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