Registration is open for Gallagher Fitness Women’s Beginning Running / Walking Clinic

The Gallagher Fitness logo

The Gallagher Fitness logo

Since 1998, Gallagher Fitness in Salem has been putting on their Women’s Beginning Running and Walking Clinic. This 12-week clinic is simple and straight forward and designed specifically for those who may be interested in getting more into running, but just don’t know where or how to start. There are a variety of skill levels as well, even for those who have a goal of a 5k or 10k in mind and want to know how to acheive it.

2013 Running Clinic ladies!

2013 Running Clinic ladies!

Each week, there is a group run/walk and a discussion on all things running, such as injury prevention, shoes, safety, etc. It is not a competition or gym-like in nature. It encourages all to get out there and get active – and potentially meet some new people (future running-partners, perhaps) along the way.

If you think you or someone you know would benefit from this clinic, you can direct them to check out this video from 2011 as well!

Where: Gallagher Fitness in Salem

When: Tuesday Evenings 615-745pm (March 4 – May 20)

Sign up here or here; $100 ($110 after 2/18)

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