Elevating Your Trail Experience with Ultimate Direction’s Cirriform Collection

Ultimate Direction.

OK, now close your eyes – what comes to mind?

Call me David Blaine, but my guess is you are thinking of a hydration pack of some sort.

Well, Ultimate Direction, renowned for revolutionizing trail hydration, is leaping into the realm of high-performance trail apparel with their Cirriform collection. This new line showcases their commitment to elevating the trail running experience. Unlike their traditional focus on hydration gear, the Cirriform apparel is a testament to their dedication to comprehensive trail comfort. We recently checked out a new Tee and hat from their collection.

Cirriform Tee | $54.95

The Cirriform Tee is a game-changer for any avid trail runner. There are four color options – all of which are muted earthy tones (grey, navy, white, and red) and add a simple pop of color to my running gear collection. Fit-wise, it’s snug enough for a secure feel, yet not restrictive in the slightest. The flatlocked seams are a blessing, preventing any irritating chafing even during intense workouts.

The mesh back is a lifesaver, especially during those long, sweaty runs, providing much-needed breathability where it matters most. The quick-wicking fabric is a godsend, offering all-day comfort and dryness. What sets this tee apart, though, is its advanced microbial control. I appreciate the SILVADUR technology working behind the scenes, keeping odors at bay.

Cirriform Tank | $49.95 

Nikki: A good running tank is like gold. The first thing I noticed about the Ultimate Direction Cirriform Tank is that it’s very soft, which is generally a good sign of a quality item. No one wants to feel a scratchy tank on their body when they are running. In fact, a good article of clothing won’t be noticed at all.

This tank has flat locked anti-chafe seams, which leads me to believe that UD gets what’s important. The shoulders are seamless, which means running with a vest (hopefully an UD vest, since they really are great,) won’t be a problem. And that full mesh back is a savior for when you get hot and need a bit more breathability.

This tank even has a UPF 20+ rating for the sun and the SILVADUR Advanced Microbial Control mentioned above that will help wick away the sweat when you’re in “Beast Mode.”

Lastly, I love that the logo is reflective on the back, so when cars approach you on the road, there’s that extra flash that will help get you seen (however, I’ll also get on my soapbox and recommend always wearing reflective gear and lights in the dark).

Cirriform Long Sleeve Tee | $59.95

Nikki: A good long sleeve shirt is really important when the weather starts to dip and tanks are replaced with the need for sleeves. This long sleeved option is very breathable and light, while also keeping me warm enough with the quick-drying wicking properties.

Like the tank and the tee, the long sleeve tee has the flatlocked anit-chafe seams, seamless shoulders, UPF20+ technology, SILVADUR™ Advanced Microbial Control, and a reflective logo. Essentially, everything you love in the tank and the tee is also available in the long sleeve design. So whether you’re running in the heat or the cold, you’re covered.

I personally love that the long sleeve has mesh on the sides and in the underarm area, as those places are where sweat appears first, as well as where I know I personally sweat the most.  Also worth noting.. this shirt has thumb holes. I’m not sure if everyone uses these, but I personally love them because I don’t always want to wear gloves and thumb holes help keep you covered while you’re warming up.

The Steeze | $24.95

Matt: If you know anything about me, you know I am sort of a hat guy. When you combine my casual hat collection and running hats, the total is up near 80 (and growing). The Steeze hat from Ultimate Direction is a functional and stylish option for the trails. The hat boasts a moisture-wicking sweatband that keeps perspiration at bay, ensuring a comfortable and dry experience even during the most intense activities. Now we are up to 81…

Ultimate Direction Cirriform Collection


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