How Far Can You Go at the Volcanic Legacy Endurance Race?

There are some common worries runners have about a race. Like will the course be well marked, will there be enough aid stations, will the course be interesting, and will they be all alone at the back of the pack. For Volcanic Legacy, the answers are yes, yes, yes, and no. Because with this race, the 2.6 mile loop will keep you close to the course, the sights, the resource, and the other participants.

Volcanic Legacy is a loop-course event that challenges participants to see how far they can go in 3, 6, 12, or 24 hours. And before you start bragging about your speed, you should know this course includes 240’ of gain and loss. Participants are blessed with views of Rogue Valley and the peaks of Volcanic Legacy Byway. And they earn that blessing over and over again.

Every 3 hours participants change direction on the course to help with keeping engaged and not leaning too much to one side. The aid station is at the start/finish line with plenty of snacks to keep participants going, including hot soups and drinks during the night shift. Plus Hammer Head to celebrate finishing (or inspire one…more…lap). Be sure to bring a headlamp for the night running as there are no lights in the woods other than the stars.

Every participant who completes at least one lap earns a glass and medal. Those who complete over 100 miles earn a buckle. And top three males and top three females get awards.

Volcanic Legacy (Medford)


When: Saturday, October 28

  • 24-hour, 12-hour, and 24-hour relay at 8am
  • 6-hour and 3-hour and 11am

Where: Roxy Ann Peak (Prescott Park; 3030 Roxy Ann Road)


  • 24-hour for $135 (relay for $150)
  • 12-hour for $110
  • 6-hour for $80
  • 3-hour for $50
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