Saucony Triumph 21 – A Winner in Comfort

The Saucony Triumph 21 is back this summer and – even with minimal updates – provides a consistently comfortable daily training option that is bound to appeal to a lot of runners out there!

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Let’s start with looks. The Saucony Triumph 21 comes in a handful of stylish color combinations, making it visually appealing to many runners. Whether you prefer vibrant pops of color or a more understated design, there’s likely a variant that will suit your taste. It also looks like exactly like a running shoe – there is no mistaking it – for better or worse.

Personally, I prefer a little more flair in my shoes, so the grey colorway wouldn’t have been my first choice. The pops of orange color, definitely looks solid, but it lacks a little pizazz or oomph-factor. Now, I will readily admit that not everyone has my sensibilities, and that’s why there are a variety of options. And, honestly, sometimes having a more muted tone is welcome!



While the 21st version of this classic shoe remains pretty consistent, one of main differences in the 21 is the upper. This upper has been updated – and is constructed from a knit material. I found it to be quite nice – with breathability and some stretch, while still providing nice lockdown. There is a bit of padding, but not an overabundance, and the gusseted tongue and inside really hug the foot nice. The lockdown is top notch.


Any daily trainer worth its weight, MUST be comfortable. You just can’t be reaching for a shoe that is functional, but you know you are going to be struggling on the return home. The Triumph 21 is a super comfortable option that keeps you happy up in these streets.

Honestly, the 21 has no real updates in the midsole area from the previous version – and that’s OK. Saucony utilizes their innovative PWRRUN+ cushioning technology, providing a perfect balance between responsiveness and softness. The midsole absorbs impact effectively, offering a cloud-like feeling during runs. The shoe offers reliable energy return, propelling you forward with each stride.

These are a perfect shoe for easy-middle road paces and can support your feet for miles along the way. It is a little heavy – all things considered. I wear a size 12, so my weight ran up above 10 ounces – though it doesn’t feel as heavy as it runs. It’s a daily trainer no doubt, but I have found a sweet spot for its use as an almost recovery shoe – letting me feel happy and supported when my legs and feet are barking at me.


The Triumph 21 boasts a durable rubber compound that delivers excellent traction on various surfaces. There’s nothing bad to say here. There is a strategic amount of rubber that grace the bottom, with cut out areas that reduce weight. We have only tried this in the summer, but it seems like the reliable grip will do just fine in wet conditions.


This is a really nice shoe – an update that doesn’t overcomplicate things. The combination of the plush midsole, enhanced upper fit, and grippy outsole creates a delightful running experience. The shoe is not a racer, but it feels lighter than it actually is – perhaps chalk that up to comfort. It is an excellent choice for daily training, as well as for those seeking extra comfort on recovery days.

The Saucony Triumph 21 is a winner.



Saucony Triumph 21 $160


  • Released: July 21, 2023
  • Weight: 9.8oz.- Men’s 9
  • Offset: 10mm [Forefoot: 27mm, Heel: 37mm]


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Thank you to Saucony for providing us with a sample pair. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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