Penguin Powered Loops: 2023 Tufted Puffin Endurance Run

There are many races to look into a race. It can be about the schedule, the location, the course, the swag, or many other options. And sometimes it is as simple as a fantastic name that demands more attention. Welcome to that race.

The Tufted Puffin Endurance Run is a small run with a lot of miles involved. Participants sign up for one of three options: a 24-hour run, a 12-hour run, or a 50K run. All races take place on Newport High School’s track with an aid station provided by the race, and plenty of room for your own supplies and support team.

Due to space constrictions, each event is capped with just 65 participants in total. All participants who complete a 50K will earn their finisher medal. Finishers of 100 miles earn a belt buckle (and a week-long nap).

And in case you are worried about counting loops, the event is chip timed so just keep going.

Tufted Puffin Endurance Run (Newport, OR)  $90-170


  • When: Saturday August 5, 2023
    • 24hrs at 9am
    • 12hrs at 9am or 9pm
    • 50K at 11am
  • Where: Newport High School (322 NE Eads Street)
  • Packet Pick-Up: Race Day
  • Cost:
    • 24hrs for $170
    • 12hrs for $120
    • 50K for $90
    • Prices increase after first five entries
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