Float Like a Butterfly, Sting like a Race Shoe – Reviewing the Reebok Floatride Energy X

For all the shoes that we have reviewed, one company that we haven’t ventured too far with over the years is Reebok.

To be fair, while they are a staple in the footwear realm – they haven’t exactly been known as one of the running shoe stalwarts. Their Floatride Energy X is a “super shoe” (i.e. carbon-plated) that has been out about a year now, but we recently got our hands on a pair to check out. Color us impressed!


Dang this is a good looking shoe. They have two colorways – black and white – and both are impressive to look at. I am thrilled I received the white version, but both are great. Honestly, it has a sleek, modern look that is sure to turn heads.

The Floatride Energy X is an excellent choice for runners who prioritize comfort and style. The shoe’s design is a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, making it a great option for everyday wear as well. When we headed out of town for Spring Break earlier this year, it was these that donned our feet on the plane AND tackled the miles during our trip.

Fit & Construction:

The upper is made of a breathable mesh material that allows air to circulate and keep your feet cool during long runs. This is due to their Flexweave material that provides both stability and breathability, making it perfect for runners who need support and comfort. It’s not super stretchy, but it does the job well.

The tongue is gusseted and slim, with a tiny pit of padding on the underside. There is also padding around the heel – which adds to the comfort and security. Though I personally prefer when heel pads to go up to the top of the shoe, I was not met with any discomfort on these – which fall under the “rim”. The laces are flat and also keep things tight and locked in.

These shoes have a removable sock liner, which makes it easy to replace the insole if you need extra cushioning or support.


We mentioned it earlier, but the Floatride Energy X is a carbon-plated running shoe option. Right underneath the foot is a layer of Floatride Energy Foam (supposedly the largest Reebok has put in a shoe) that sits on top of the carbon plate in the forefoot.

Unsurprisingly, the plate makes the shoe a little more rigid, but there is still a nice amount of cushion to offset that. It’s not the most cushioned of shoes out there, but most super shoes aren’t really constructed that way anyways. I could definitely feel the rocker capabilities and its a nice transition with each step.

I do want to highlight the stability of these. I have tried out a few carbon-plated super shoes in my days – though I know they are not necessarily designed for me. I am an 8 minute miler on average, and can get into the low 7’s with training and committment. I am NOT a super runner. While I have mostly enjoyed these shoes, the main drawback for me is that I never feel fully stabilized in them. I can get a boost of speed, but too often I feel cognizant that a misstep is going to lead me

These shoes are probably the most stable super shoe I have tried thus far. I feel really locked in and the feel more close to a “typical” running shoe than some others out there. I am not saying if this is a good or a bad thing for you, but if a lack of stability has been a reason to avoid these race-day options, I think the Floatride Energy X will be something to consider.


While the Floatride Energy X is a little heavy as it pertains to race shoes (over 9 ounces), it does have some weight savings on the outsole. The rubber outsole offers solid traction and durability, though it does appear pretty thin. Time will tell how it handles the miles. The middle of the outsole is exposed, cutting weight at the same time. I have had no issues with the outsole in function thus far.


Finding a carbon-plated “super shoe” – at a price that doesn’t top $200 – is pretty difficult. The Floatride Energy X is way under that and performs pretty darn solid as well.

While it’s a bit heavy to be a super speed race day shoe, it can definitely handle the job. However, I continually race in daily training shoes, so really the weight is manageable for most of us. However, if you demand reduced weight during racing, these are a great option as a tempo shoe. I have taken these on a number of runs – though none beyond about 11 miles yet – and the feel like they can handle the distance.

Reebok Floatride Energy X $170


Weight: 9.1 oz – Men’s 8.5

Offset: 6mm (30mm/24mm)


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Thank you to Reebok for providing us with test pairs. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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